Why him (a jb love story)

Name: Brielle
Hobbys: dancing and singing
Fun facts:1/3 mexican loves lady gaga has been singing since she was 3 accarding to mom has devorced parents and played piano trying to teach her self gitaur

Chapter 2

new york

okay we show up to new york on a privet jet with half the other contestedents i sat next to this girl with red hair named ginny she said it is just a quincident that her parents name her that so we became instent friends she said she is a jazz hip hop dancer i told her i am a mix dancer and i am 80's hip hop 90's and 80's breack dancing funk jazz tap and crump.
we were picked up bye 4 limos each limo went to a diffrent location so me and ginny hoped in to limo number 2 and we were hearded of to time square and aparenty we were supost to watch and feel the styles of the city and so ginny and anothr girl with wavy blond hair all walked around for an hour when we came apon these street dancers so we went and watched and so they started pulling people out of the crowd to free style and they pulled me and here is how it went i was pulled up their and i started free styling and blowing every ones minds and the guy with the mic was all
"OMG are you kiding me lets give this young lady a hand' so every one started to clap fo me and i walked off and all the sudden this guy in a hoody walked up to us and said
" i am supposed to give this to you" i saw his face and recignized it from some where
i opened the envelope and in side was a letter and this is what it said

dear contestend
we were just notifyed you just danced in one of the fake set up street dacing crews. You have now past this test now you and your companyins can get in a cab with the money provided in this envolope and head for the empier state bildng and you will head to your hotel to start preparing for your next round.

Ginny anna and i freeked and hoped in to a caband told them to head for the empier state bilding. when we arived we headed strate for the group of judges in the loby handed them our letter and the left over money and they told us to go over to the elevator with the costion tape on itand head to floor 25. We hoped in with a guy in a hoody that hide his face.
"hey you here for the contest too" i asked him enthusyasticly
then he pulled down his hood and turned around
"i am what the contest is all about" said justin beiber wow that was a surprize
"OMG OMG OMG" yelled anna and ginny
"your justin crapin beiber" yelled anna
" yes and i am going to be your guest judge and the winner of the contest getts to go on a world tour with me" said justin very calm ly
"cool" i said to him and turned back tords the doors
"wow you are the only one today that hasn't freeked out over me are you not a fan" he said that last part not very happily
"no i don't mind your music its just i don't like the way you are all girl obbsest and that is the only thing you can wright about in your music" i said to him flatly
"well how about you try wrighting a song about somthing else and i'll sing it" said justin
"okay i will" then the elevator doors opened and i said"your a christian right"
he noded and said" wait your name"
"i didn't give it" i said to him i winked then walked away as the elevator doors closed.
i lookedaround at a big dance studio and a guy meet us and said" hello mis amman you were the one who competted in the street crew dance right" he looked at me
"yes?" i said to him kinda nervus
" he said handing me a card with the number one.
when all twenty of the over finalists made it made it the guy who i was talking to earlyer brung out all the top 20 guys from so you think you can dance season eight and i got first pick at who was ganna be my partner and i picked jess.
(if you don't know who he is go to this like below)
" hey i am gabby you were my fave dancer on the show you were so awesome you should have won" i said to him with a huge smile on his face he was smilling back at you with the most amazing eyes.
"you know the judges gave us all a profile off all the dancers and i was hoping i would get put with you"said jess
after that you practices and taked alot then later justin came back in and kept glancing at you.
latter that night you haeded back to the hotel and you and jess had a room right across from each other then later that night anna tadd and jess and ginny and her partner and i all went to the pool and all the guys had awesome six pakes how could this get any better.

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