Why him (a jb love story)

Name: Brielle
Hobbys: dancing and singing
Fun facts:1/3 mexican loves lady gaga has been singing since she was 3 accarding to mom has devorced parents and played piano trying to teach her self gitaur

Chapter 1

The contest

Here in caniada we have lots of dancers and singers so there are usually lots of contests which I compete in. This year I would be competing in the yearly dancing contest in my town. I had been preparing for the past three months. Why would I peractice that long u ask well because my sister who is also an amazing dancer entered the contest last year and got kick off on the 7th round. and this years prize is a secret but the hint was one less lonly girl did i mention this is a girls only compotition. but either way today was the day of thecompitition and i was dancing to sexy and i know it by LMFAO
the judges told me to go to room three so i walk in and see a gruop of oh say 40 people so i sit down with my bag pull out a book and start reading
FFWD again
after waiting about half an hour and having six more people walk in finaly the judges walk in and tell us we are going on to the next round and that next round we will be preforming live on TV cause this year their is going to be a guest judge. and that we were going to new york.
i went home and told my mom and she frecked and i started to pake for new york and i started a new routin to Mr. Saxobeat

sry for the short chapter

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