Yay random Death Note story!

Yay random Death Note story!

So I'm kinda on a Death Note obsession right now. I keep dreaming about it, I'm drawing little doodle things of the characters and now writing stories yay! I wrote this cuz Ryuk is one of my favorite characters and I think its funy that he's obsessed with apples. And I also threw in someone from a different anime just for fun. Anyway rate comment enjoy!=)

Chapter 1

Ryuk's Misery

Ryuk was pacing back and forth in Light's room. He noticed he had developed a twitch and his mind was going haywire.

"Come on! Just one!" he looked at Light who appeared to be watching T.V. but was probably scheamming his next move in his head.

No response. Not that Light could say anything anyway but he could at least look over in his direction and acknowledge he was there.

It had been six days since the cameras were put up in Light's house. And because of the cameras Ryuk couldn't eat his apples. It would look really suspicious if apples randomly disappeared in mid-air. For the first few days Light would buy apples and go somewhere no one could see and give them to Ryuk but he suddenly stopped that for some reason.

"Light Come on! This is cruel and unusual punishment." Ryuk's body was jerking uncontrolably and twisting in weird ways.

Still no answer.

Ryuk kept seeing things shaped like apples and the color red which reminded him of apples. Not to mention it seemed every T.V. channel Light flipped to had the juicy fruit in it somewhere.

"Light please! I'm begging!" Ryuk pleaded to the young brunette who simply ignored the desperate god of death. Ryuk was now in a hand stand with his legs entertwind with each other.Then the shimigami just collapsed and went into a comatose like state.

Ryuk saw a man with short white hair that wore a mask covering the lower half of his face below his eyes and looked to be about 30.(Bet you cant guess who that is. Here's a hint: he's usually seen reading and is known for being late.) The man was surrounded by an endless supply of apples. And as he said off names the aples would jump into a basket that was in front of the man.

Ryuk's mouth was watering at the sight of the delicious treat. Ryuk tried to move closer but to no avail. For reasons unknown to him his body could not move closer. In fact every step seemed to move the red-eyed being back away from his target.

Each time the man spoke more apples disappeared into the basket. "Flopsy, Mopsy,Turvy, Bubbles..."

Ryuk tried flying but his wings could not lift him.

As the man continued to call out names the ripe fruit continued to disapear. "...Cupcake, Cloud, Bungy, Spongey..." It wasn't long untill there was only one left. But when the man spoke it's name, "Foamy," instead of jumping in with the others it started to roll over towards Ryuk.

The creepy apple addict licked his lips in anticipation. It stopped rolling when it bumped into Ryuk's foot. He couldn't help but to let a semi-creepy laugh escape him as he picked up the blood-red morsel. Much to his dismay it turnned to ash in his mouth. He quickly spit out the disgusting surprise.

Crunch! Ryuk was awoken from his coma state to see Light had gotten an apple and was eating it right in front of him. He couldn't believe it. It's not like Light even cared for apples all that much.

Ryuk floated over so he was only inches away from what he desired. "Light why are you doing this?" he asked wanting so badly to be able to just grab it.

No answer. The honey-eyed youth just took another bite.

"You're doing this just to spite me aren't you?"

Again Light was silent and made no indication that he even heard the freaky looking shimigami but the slightest hint of a smirk could be seen on his face.

~End~ =)


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