So I think I may be gay...

Chapter 1


...Yeeeah... And no, I'm not joking; I've just noticed that I haven't had a real bf in like... Ever! o.O Most of the posters in my bedroom are of female popstars, with a few Michael Jackson posters and a tiny Eminem poster that you can hardly see among the hordes of Lady Gaga, P!nk, Annie Lennox, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Madonna posters.

And I've been a huge tomboy for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I would rip Barbie's head off whenever my grandparents brought me one for my birthday. I've always loved violent video games where you blow people's heads off too! >:3 But... About 2 years ago and I actually started to get a bit girly, which shocked most of my family and even myself. o.O And still almost never wear make-up and my hair is always an untidy mess, but I find it fun painting my nails and wearing somewhat girly clothes... Although admittedly most of my clothes are pretty tomboyish, jeans, t-shirts, the works...

I've never had feelings for gals though, I just look up them as role models and, being a girl myself, I find I can relate to them and their music better than the dudes. But I do find most men pretty unattractive, I don't see anything smexy about a six-pack on a man at all... But I think muscular womenz are hot, like wtf? I've had a girl-crush on Lady Gaga for over 2 years now though... And should I find it wrong that I found Gaga smexy as a dude in her new video for You & I...? xD

So, do you think I may in fact be a lesbian...? xD I am not taking this too seriously by the way and I couldn't care less if I am gay or not, my mother wouldn't care either, but my dad may kill me...
I'm just a poor bi-curious 16 year old girl who finds her life confusing and I don't even know who the beep I am in this dark, lonely world! cries


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