I keep on fallin.....in..........and out of love [starkid]

Hey! Im reposting this because its my story in the first place....

Chapter 1

Fallin'-Alicia Keys

I was walking down the hall of UMich. My first day of college. Wow, feels like yesterday I was walking down the halls of my elementry school. Wait I was, to relive everything...
I bumb into somebody.
"Sorry" We say.
"It was my- ok we need to stop doing this" We say again at the same time and laugh.
"Hi I'm Madisyn. And you are?"
"Hi Madisyn I'm Brant. First day to?" He asks me.
" Yeah, that noticable?"
"Well you dont have a UMich sweatshirt on. Lets go get you one," He grabs my arm and pulls me into a store.
"Well the soles of my shoe are worn out now..."
"Sorry. Here is this your size" He hands me a Medium sweatshirt.
"Yeah, thanks" I go up and pay for it.
"Try it on" He keeps saying.
"If you stop telling me to I will" I say handing him my bag. I slip the sweatshirt on and pull my necklace over it.
"Would you like to meet my roommates?"
"I havnt even met mine yet but sure!" I follow him into his room with 3 other guys in it.
"Brant please tell me you already kidnapped somebody" A strong guy says.
"I wasnt kidnapped I was first to get my sweatshirt. Then he asked me so it was firstly kidnapped"
"Cool. Well I'm Joe Walker."
"Hello Joe, I'm Madisyn." I tell him. I look to the guy making popcorn.
"And you are?"
" I'm Joey. Hi Madisyn Hi Brant."
"Hey Joey, can I get some popcorn" He puts on a puppy dog face.
"Dude puppy dog faces only work for me if its on a girl" I walk up to him and ask
"Joey can I get some popcorn please" I do my puppy dog face. (Madisyns look-http://kikaysimaria.blogspot.com/2011/06/etude-house-hair-bubbles-in-natural.html first picture of woman)
"Fine" He caves in after a minute or so.
"Yay thanks Joey" I turn and run into a guy with afro type hair.
"Second time today" I mumble. "Hi I'm Madisyn."
"Hey I'm Darren and sorry."
"No problem. Now who did I not meet yet. I've met Joe, Darren,Joey, and Brant I think thats all right. So far?"
"So far"
"Hey Joey. I passed a hot chick on the way he- Oh shes already here, Hi I'm Brian"
I blush, "Hi Brian I'm Madisyn" I turn and get some popcorn as Joey mouths "shes mine back off" I throw my popcorn at him and he catches it in his mouth. My phone goes off singing 'Just Dance' I answer,
"Hello?" I ask walking out the door.
"Hey Madisyn how is it?" My friend Sarah says
"Good, I think some guys think im hot"
"How do you know?"
"Well one of them,Brian, said "Hey Joey I passes a hot chick on the way he- Oh shes already here" and I was the only girl in the room."
"Hmm. Explains alot, well I'm waiting in our dorm for you!"
"Oh shiit I forgot sorry. Who are we staying with?"
"A girl name Bonnie and a girl named Lauren, they can sing and they are really funny"
"Awesome, I'll be there soon are my bags there?"
"all except your over the shoulder bag"
"Yeah I have that one I'll be there after I steal more popcorn from Joey" I walk back in hanging up and grab Joeys popcorn and pick up my bag.
"I have to see my friend in my dorm with Lauren and Bonnie, Bye guys" I go and run to my dorm.


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