Rules and such of Hogwarts!

These are some that I've come up with and some I just like!

Chapter 1


1. When I get sent to the headmaster's office, I shall not go skipping down the corridors singing, "I'm Off to See the Wizard."

2. Its not nice nor funny to ask Umbridge where she keeps her flying monkeys.

3. I am not a Balrog animagus so I should stop insisting I am.

4. Dumbledore and Gandalf are two different wizards.

5. Saying, "What the hell is a Hufflepuff?" around Hufflepuffs is not funny.

6. Umbridge's special quill is not meant to be used to write messages such as, "I told you I'm hard core," and whatnot.

7. Riding on Sirius's back when he is a dog like a small horse is frowned apon in this establishment.

8. Saying "Kadavra Avada" at people you hate is not funny.

9. During the Triwizard Tournament, it is not funny to write, "The chamber has been opened agian. Enimies of the heir, beware" all over the walls to freak people from Durmstang and Beauxbatons out.

10. The new password to the common room is not "Petrificus Totalus" and I shall not tell first years it must be resited with their wands pointing at themselves.

Tell me some of your own!

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