Do you wanna be in my story? (Contest!)

Chapter 1

To Enter

Hello everyone!

I appreciate it that you're taking time out of your day to read this.

Anyway, This contest is for my story Who Said I Didn't? (An L Love Story)

For the L love story, I need one girl to be an accomplice of B, two girls to work alongside L, and three to be Mika or Miku's enemy's. You can also enter as a friend or bestie, but to be Miku's friend you need to be an accomplice of B.

Name: Miku
Age: 16
Looks: Bright blue eyes. Long bleach blonde hair. Short.
Personality: She is rarely mean. She isn't shy, just doesn't tak alot. Exceptionally smart, but her curiosity gets the best of her. She has a bad habit of day dreaming when someone else is talking. For example, if a teacher was giving another lecture, Miku would be looking out the window in a daze. If someone talks about her sister she'll defend her. She hates liars. she isn't judgemental and hates violence. She would often do certain things at the last minute. Her favourite things to do are listening to music, drawing, and singing

Name: Mika
Age: 16
Looks: Bright blue eyes. Long bleach blond hair. Short
Personality: Mika is like a protector. She'll defend anyone who's close to her and probably die for them. Like Miku, she also hates liars, but can never forgive someone who's hurt her. She isn't very creative except in writing. She doesn't have much confidence in herself which makes her seem weak to other people. She hates egotistical jerks. She has a huge fear of being alone.

So, do you think you would be their enemy? Friend? If you want to enter for Death Note then here's what you need.

Name: (has to be an english name, no japanese)
Age: (in between 16 and 18)
Relashionship with Mika and Miku: (enemy, friend, ect.)
Accomplice of B: (yes or no)
Past: (before living in Los Angelos)
Personality: (nice, shy, mean, ect)
Other Info: (death note, shinigami, family, ect.)

Have fun entering!

**All entries must be in by Febuary 30th!**


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