Twins in love with Twins (Fred Weasley)

Twins in love with Twins (Fred Weasley)

I've not finished writing yet, but I thought I would see what people thought of it so far, this is my first story so dont be too critical! :(
I was bored with my friend one day so I started to write a story, i dont really know whats going to happen so Ideas would be good :)
I do not own the characters! (except the Manson family) J.K owns characters and most of the story line!

Chapter 1

Hogwarts Express.

by: CatHoran
"Kali! Tala! Will you two get up now! You pair of lazy teenagers!"

"Alright mother we're up!" Me and my twin shout at the same time.
We both sat up in bed and reluctantly pulled away the covers.

I walked into the bathroom that was connected to our room. The room had black tiles flecked with white spots. A toilet, of course, a bath and joined shower, a large sink and a mirror half way along the back wall. I stepped infront of the mirror and looked at myself. Crist I look a mess! I thought to myself.

My long dark blue hair was all messy, tangles everywhere and sticking out at odd angles. I also had red lines across my face from where I had been laying on my pillow. My bright blue eyes were surrounded by left over mascara I must have missed when washing, making me look like a panda. I was just prodding at my eyes with a tissue when my twin came in.

"Move up then!" She said, smacking her hips into mine making me slide across. I just looked at her for a moment, she kind of looked like me.

She had short purple hair which looked almost perfect even though she had only just woken up. She has the same bright blue eyes as me too, however the rest of her face is different.

Tala mostly takes after our farther, Damion, where as I look like our mother, Ramona, but you could tell we are twins as theirs not too much difference. We are both the same height, not tall, but not small either, about average.

I walked back into our room, our beds identicle but hers purple and mine blue. Our room was fairly tidy, just a few books scattered across the floor. The walls were a lilac colour, which we hated, from when we were little.

We each have a bedside table with lamps and a glass of water on, both full. Tala and I shared a walk in wardrobe which is where I was heading now to get dressed. Tala came out of the bathroom and headed to the wardrobe too.

I pulled out a pair of old faded skinny jeans and Tala got some black ones. We pulled them on and both just got out a plain tank top, mine white, Talas red. I pulled on my old, worn out black converse and Tala put on her white ones.

9:15 a.m, about time to go, we headed downstairs for a quick breakfast of toast and orange juice and pulled on our matching teal coats. Our trunks were packed into the muggle car outside already.

Tala and I dashed upstairs and grabbed our wands, mine being 10 inch, hawthorn wood and unicorn hair core and Talas being 8inch walnut and dragon heartstring.

Oh, did I mention? We're witches, one of the only pure-blood families in England, us and a few others and muggle is a word used by magic folk meaning people with no magic abilities.

We went back downstairs and I picked up the cage by the front door containing my owl. She was jet black with bright green eyes, she was called Kairi.

Tala picked up her basket containing her black cat called Echo, her eyes always freaked me out a bit, they were bright yellow with cat-like slits, but something just seemed in-human about them.

I know shes a cat but they're just...weird. It was probably just my over-reactive imagination though.

I finally got into the horrible muggle car after a debate with my sister about how to open the door, turns out you need a key. I looked out of the window as we were pulling away from the mansion.

It was the biggest house in the area, it's black bricks standing out harshly against the grey, clouded sky. We pulled onto the next street, our house now hidded by trees, I wont be seeing it again for a while now.

See, me and my sister are going to a new school, it's like a boarding school for witches and wizards to learn how to use magic.

We went to a school before of course, but this would be our first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

We are 15, it's going to be weird starting in out 5th year, but we'll cope, our reputation at this school will be no different to the one we had at the last I hope.

I turned to say something to my twin but stopped when I saw who else was in the car.

"What are you doing here?" I asked rudely, "You've already finished school."

My brother turned to face me, he had the same blue eyes as me, but his hair was dark brown.

His name was Skye and he was 18, he was now a Death Eater along with our mother and farther.

"I thought I'd come and see off my sisters, seeing as they wont be around for a while." He grunted in reply, I turned to look out of the window again, we turned down street after street, soon leaving Bolton on the way to London.

After about 4 hours in the car we stopped outside of the leaky cauldron. We were spending the night here sadly, the place is a dump and looks like its about ready to fall down.

It's old and wooden, with dusty bedrooms that look as thought they haven't been cleaned in years. The beds shook when you sat down on them like they would collapse at any time.

This will be a long night. I shared a room with Tala, my parents in the room across the hall, and Skye in the room next to theirs.

The next day we skipped breakfast at the leaky cauldron and got our things ready. At about 10 a.m we got in the car and started on the 20 minute journey to Kings Cross.

After a short conversation with Skye and Tala I looked out the window to see we were pulling into Kings Cross Station parking lot.

My farther parked the car and got us a trolly. He packed mine and Talas trunks onto the trolly along with Kairi and Echo, and pushed it into the station, with me, Tala, mother and Skye following behind.

When we reached platforms 9 and 10 we said our goodbyes and hugged our mother. I recieved an awkward hug from Skye then me and Tala grabbed the trolly and ran at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10.

We appeared at the other side on platform 9 3/4, infront of a large red steam train. We put our trunks on the train and found a compartment to ourselves. The clock struck 11 o'clock and the train started moving.

We'll be at Hogwarts in a couple of hours. I wonder what life will be like there.

I put my head against the window and watched the streets of London turn into green and yellow fields.

I closed my eyes and decided to get a bit more sleep, I hadn't gotten much last night due to the rooms shakeing when the trains went by on the muggle line next to our room.

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