Forever And Always {A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story}

Uhm, since I'm super in love with Sasuke, I decided to do a love story to satisfy my fantasies. XD

So... I'm really into this story, as I have fallen in love with Misaki's character, and I'm proud at how well I've motivated myself to keep this fanfic going. XD

I truly hope you enjoy it! ^0^


Chapter 3

The Survival Test

by: vixybear
"Here we go," Kakashi pulled out a clock and set it on a post. "It's set for noon. Your assignment is very simple," he held up three silver bells, "just take these bells from me. That's all there is to it. If you can't get them by noon, you go without lunch. You will be tied to those posts and watch while I eat my lunch in front of you." I groaned in irritation. He told us to skip breakfast so it'd be harder on us? Of course.

"Wait a minute," Sakura butt in, "there's four of us. How come there's only three bells?"

I wasn't sure if Kakashi was smiling underneath that mask of his, but he was definitely amused.

"Well that way at least one of you will end up tied to a post and ultimately disqualified for failing to complete the mission. That one goes back to the Academy," he paused, jiggling the bells. "Then again, all four of you could flunk out too. You can use any weapons, including shuriken. If you're not prepared to kill me, you won't be able to take the bells."

"Those weapons are too dangerous, sensei!" Sakura said with an anxious tone. I chuckled.

Naruto chuckled, grinning. "Especially since you couldn't dodge that eraser."

"Class clowns are usually the weakest links. You can safely ignore them. Lowest scores. Losers," he paused, his gaze resting on the four of us. "When I say start, you can begin." Naruto growled, pulling out a kunai. He launched himself at Kakashi, but before I could even blink, Kakashi appeared behind him, holding Naruto's hand so the kunai was pointed back at Naruto, his other hand on the blond's head. My eyes widened in surprise on how fast he was. So he wasn't a joke at all...

"Don't be in such a hurry, I didn't say start yet." I backed up a few steps, my heart pounding. I knew from this moment on this 'test' wasn't going to be the easiest thing I've ever done.

I didn't realize I was zoning out until Sakura and Sasuke disappeared, and I instinctively ran off, taking cover. I wasn't even paying attention when he said start. Wow, Misaki. Get your act together.

Naruto stood where he was a few moments ago, a giant grin on his face. I sighed, rubbing my temples. He's going to get himself killed.

"Found you." I turned around to see Sasuke. His dark eyes were on edge, and his face was neutral.

"What? You want a prize or something?" I snarled. The Uchiha pursed his lips.


"Too bad for you, you're not getting one," I remarked, turning back to watch Naruto and Kakashi head-to-head.

"You know, compared to the others, you're a bit weird," Kakashi said to the 12-year-old.

"Oh yeah? The only thing weird here is your haircut!" Naruto replied, anger swelling up inside him. I smiled at his response. Sasuke's elegant footsteps on the tree's branch made me uneasy; I began to think that the branch might break.

I felt the boy's presence behind me, and I stiffened.

"Touch me and I'll kill you," I warned, not looking back. I felt his hand pet the back of my head, then clutched a few hairs, running his fingers through my hair. Just for the record, I would've pushed him away if I wasn't too busy watching my sensei and the idiot bicker aimlessly.

I whirled around, getting tired of Sasuke's playing. Our noses were centimeters, and it felt so... uncomfortable to be this close to him. Never had I wanted to be within a few feet of him, but here I was, practically kissing him.

The Uchiha's black eyes searched mine, like he was trying to tell me something. When I backed away, my foot slipped, and I fell backwards, but my teammate reached out, grabbing my hand, yanking me up, my body crashing into his chest.

"Your welcome," he whispered, his eyes amused.

"I didn't need your help, thank you very much," I retorted, swiftly walking around him, leaving Sasuke with a smug grin on his face.

I snapped back into reality, only to realize Kakashi had vanished, leaving Naruto hanging upside down. He's such an idiot. There's no way he's going to pass, nonetheless survive.

My body was soon on the ground, trying to pinpoint Kakashi's exact position.

"Hello, Misaki," it was Kakashi, and in front of me stood the man. I looked down at the ground.

"Hello, sensei," I said in return, making no intention to attack.

"You were put on my squad for a reason, were you not? Most squads only have three."

"I don't know, Kakashi-sensei. I guess I'm just special," I finally made eye contact with his only to be seen eye, my lips curling into a grin. His eye was trying to read me.

"Special isn't always a good thing."

"Then why don't you find out?" I remarked, and before I could process what happened, my body was pressed against a tree, my wrists pinned above my head. Kakashi was my captor, and I was his captive. He smirked.

"Uh oh, no hand signs. What now?" he teased, and I kicked him with all my strength, forcing him to let go. I back flipped, landing on the branch of a tree. The gray-haired man was no where in sight.

I heard his steps behind me, and I leapt backward, dodging his kick, rising over his head. He grabbed my foot and slammed me to the ground, and I seized his arm, hoping to flip him face first. Unfortunately, I was too slow. He had my body pressed tightly against the branch.

He turned my body over, forcing me to stand up. I scowled. I was so close to taking him down. His black eye glistened with amusement.

"You are special, I admit. But special isn't always better. You're fast, but you feel like you should be the center of attention. The show. You're never going to get anywhere without teamwork."

"What? Yeah right! I don't need my teammates," I spat, narrowing my eyebrows in a defensive manner.

"You're only thinking of yourself. You're not going to pass this test without help," he shoved me up against the trunk of the tree, my cheek scratching against the bark. I growled. Kakashi was really getting on my nerves. "And unfortunately for you, you had to learn the hard way," in a few swift movements, my hands were tied behind my back.

So he was basically saying teamwork was the key? Psh. I'm in independent, I do not need help, nor do I ever depend on someone else. Especially from Sasuke. Anyone but him.

After I managed to break free of Kakashi's rather good tying of my hands, I was cautious. Now I knew what I was up against. My sensei was fast, and clever, but I had the one thing he didn't: a team.

Who to team up with? It's rather obvious. It's not going to be Naruto because he doesn't think before he acts (and he's annoying), and nor will it be Sakura — she can't even do ninjutsu. That means I'm left with one person — Sasuke.

Just for the record, I was totally, 100% against with working with Sasuke, believe me, but there was no way in hell that I wanted to go back to the Academy. Never.

It didn't take me long to spot the Uchiha — his black hair stood out from the green leaves like a blonde in a crowd of brunettes.

"Was your love for me pulling you towards me?" he smirked, raising an eyebrow.


"I know."

I sighed. "Sasuke, I encountered Kakashi already. He's strong, fast, and clever. We need to work together."

"Work together? Those words don't belong in a sentence."

"Sasuke, I'm not kidding. You're the strongest of the four of us, and you and I are the only chance against him."

"So he kicked your butt already?"

I scowled, "Well, kind — that's not the point! Do you want pass or fail?"


"Then we need to work as a team."

"Very well, Misaki. Just as long as you don't lag behind," he smirked, heading ahead. I growled, clenching my fists.

"Like I'll be the dead wait," I murmured, and walked after Sasuke.

~ ~ ~

"Damn it, where is he?!" Sasuke yelled, losing his temper. I sighed.

"You're going to give away our position if you keep throwing your tantrums," I said flatly. The boy's angry gaze rested on me, and he strut towards me, anger plastered on his face.

I gave him a glare in return, and he pushed me roughly against a tree. It turned into a glare war. We stared at each other for how long, I have no clue, but all I knew was that I was way out of my comfort zone the entire time.

"I hate to ruin the moment, but I don't think you should be all kissy-wissy on the battlefield," a voice said teasingly. Our heads turned in the direction of Kakashi. He held his book in his right hand, while his stare rested on us.

"There's never been a 'moment' between Sasuke and I," I spat, getting ready to attack. I glanced at Sasuke, who seemed to want kill Kakashi. Our eyes locked for a split second, and then we launched our attack.

I leapt forward, hoping to catch our sensei off guard from behind while Sasuke went head on, but failed. My body was flung so I was flipped around, and shoved (very hard, I might add) against a tree. Is there never a time when I won't be pinned against a tree? Oh, life really doesn't want me happy.

Four kunai knives had my clothes trapped against the wood. I couldn't move my wrists, and to make it worse, Sasuke was literally on top of me. His body was so pressed up against me I could barely breathe. His sleeves were also pinned to the tree by kunai, and he was looming over me, his face twisted in frustration.

"Nice job Misaki," he snarled.

"Yeah, blame it on me!" I retorted, "you're the one who couldn't stick to the plan!"

"Oh, so now you're blaming me?!"

"Yes! I was doing great until you let him get me."

"It's not my fault you're slow."

"Ha! Faster than you."

"In your drea —"

"Aww, how cute. They bicker like an old married couple," Kakashi stated, amusement in his voice. Sasuke and I sulked. And soon enough, the Uchiha and I were left alone, giving each other looks of pure hatred, our faces centimeters apart. Sasuke grinned.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" I accused him.

"Yes, very much, actually. It's funny how upset you get. Just because you're stuck with me."

"You think I'm upset because of that?!" I said, outraged. "I'm upset because you're practically laying on me!" A smirk crossed his lips. I narrowed my eyes. "You inconsiderate, selfish, stuck-up —" I was cut off by the sudden sound of chuckling and screaming.

"Oh, my poor Sasuke!" I recognized Sakura's girly scream, and a headache began to form. "What did Misaki do to you?! Oh, my Sasuke!"

"It doesn't matter; just get me out," the ravenette commanded, losing his patience. Sakura quickly pulled the kunai out of Sasuke's sleeves, and then the Uchiha pulled the kunai that were pinning me against the tree. "You owe me."

"Sure I do."

~ ~ ~

After our test, we the rest of the day off. We all ended up passing, fortunately, and I was so happy that we did. I probably would've killed myself if I — we didn't.

I worked so hard to get here, it's not even funny. My foot slipped as I gripped the side of the building, mustering up all the strength I could. I flipped myself over the side, slowly getting to my feet and looking around.

I was standing in the heart of the Leaf Village. The sun was setting, and the view was spectacular. The trees looked orange from the radiance of the sun, and it was dead silent. Not many people were still roaming around at this time.

I don't know why, but I always creep around the village this time. It's become a habit, and I just like the feeling of watching people when they don't know I am. I guess I probably think of it as a test to practice my ninja skills.

I leapt from one rooftop to the next, until I came to a house I was familiar with. A family of three lived there — a mother, daughter and son. They were clearly poor by how dirty their skin and clothes were. I almost felt pity for them. Almost.

The mom was hustling them inside, telling them it was time for bed. The daughter was complaining, while the boy began to cry. I smiled. And to think I used to act like that.

~ ~ ~

I decided to skip out on heading home, and headed to the Third Training Ground. As I arrived, I sensed another presence. A few meters ahead, I spotted a figure leaning against a tree.

I quietly pulled out a kunai, only to spot my sensei's gray hair from the distance. I walked toward him, curious why he was here.

"I've been waiting for you," Kakashi announced, not looking up from his book.

"You've been waiting for me?" I repeated. "But —"

"You always come here when you're upset. To be alone, to sort out your thoughts and feelings."

"But... how did you know that?"

"I've known you since you came here, Misaki. I know everything about you."

"Yeah, right."

"You doubt me."

"Yes, I do. Because no one knows more about me than me," I pointed to myself, sitting on a wooden post.

"You were born on the 7th of May, and came to Konoha when you were only four years old with Mayumi. You are very independent and prefer to work by yourself, trusting only a selected few. Black is your favorite color, along with blue. Your Clan was slaughtered by a monster, which is why you came to Konohagakure. You look a lot like you're mother and you hate your father," he said in a steady voice. "Oh, and I'm your favorite sensei." I chuckled, shaking my head.

"You forgot something, sensei," I stated, grinning.

"Oh, yeah, you're in love with Sasuke."

"What?! No I'm not!" I denied, my cheeks getting hot, "I hate him!"

"Sure you do," he said, with a hint of sarcasm. I chuckled at myself, amazed at how much he knew about me. Kakashi put his book back into his pocket. "So, you're obviously here for a reason. What's wrong?"

"It's embarrassing. And stupid."

"Just tell me, Misaki. I'm an adult, and your sensei. You should feel like you can tell me anything." I sighed, gathering up all the courage I needed to tell him what was on my mind.

"I'm scared."

"Scared? Of what?"

"This world. The fact that I could die any second, any day..."

Kakashi chuckled. "It's perfectly fine to be scared. It's human nature."

"And is it human nature to read pornography?" I asked, grinning.

"It's not pornog — that's n-not the p-p-point," he said flatly, stuttering from his nervousness. "You can try and control your feelings, but no matter how hard you try, you can't shut off all your emotions. There's always going to be a feeling that you can't control — whether it be anxiety, worry, fear, or even love; you can't always control how and what you feel."

"You're right, Kakashi-sensei." He nodded, staring at me. "Have you ever felt love?" Kakashi's eye turned from happy to pure sadness. He turned away from me, growing silent. "... Kakashi-sensei?"

"Yes. Everyone feels loves at some point in their life. Some just don't admit it to themselves until it's too late..." he broke off, his voice unsteady.

"Yeah... I know how you feel..." I murmured, feeling a sudden sadness.

"Itachi, Itachi!" I ran towards my best friend ever and leapt onto his lap, smiling and giggling. "Where is Sasuke?" I asked excitedly, bouncing on his lap. Itachi smiled, laughing slightly.

"Sasuke will be out soon, but you can play with me until he comes out, okay, Kitty?"

"Yay!" I smiled and hugged him, leaning on him with all my weight. Itachi chuckled and fell back on purpose. "You're so fun, Big Brother Itachi."

"You are too, Kitty."

"You'll always be my Big Brother, right, Itachi?" I asked, pulling back, but still kept my arms around his neck.

"Yes, of course, Misaki. Forever and always." I hugged him again with such a large happiness I swear I was squeezing the life out of him. "You'll always be my Little Sister."

"I love you, Itachi."

"I love you too, Kitty."

Sasuke came out of his house, a big grin on his face. "Saki, Saki! You're here!" he yelled, noticeably full of joy.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" I tackled him, giving him the biggest embrace of his life. "I missed you!"

"Sorry, Mom made me clean my room," he apologized.

"It's okay. I'm just glad you're here! We can play ninja now!" I stated, letting out a big smile.

"Big Brother, are you going to play too?" Sasuke asked Itachi, hope gleaming on his face. Itachi smiled apologetically.

"I'll just watch, okay? Besides, it's fun to watch."

"Aww..." I sighed, "... but okay! Prepare to lose, Uchiha!" I teased, grinning.

"Yeah right! You're so going down, Saki!" he tackled me, and began to tickle my sides. I laughed loudly.

"Sasuke! Stop! That hurts — ow!" my eyes began to water, and Sasuke got off me, concerned. "Owie... Sasuke, you hurt me!" I cried.

"I'm sorry, Kitty. Here, want me to kiss it so you'll feel better?" he asked, taking my fingers gently. I nodded, wiping the tears out of my eyes. Sasuke kissed my two fingers tenderly, and I instantly grinned. "Better?"

"Yes," I cuddled against Sasuke, and he wrapped his warm around my body, pulling me close. "Sasuke, we'll always be friends, right?"

"Forever and always, Misaki," he whispered, nudging his cheek against mine lovingly. I felt my heart melt.

That was the day I thought Sasuke, Itachi and I would be friends forever, but that all changed after that day...

After the Uchiha Clan Massacre.

"Wait, Kakashi-sensei?" I looked at him.


"How do you know I look like my mother?"

"... Let's just say I know Asami from a while back, alright?" he said, his voice low, "now you should head home. It's getting late."

"Yeah, yeah," I muttered, standing up and heading towards the village, "see ya, sensei."

"Good bye, Misaki."
Wow, I just realized that younger Misaki hugged people too much. xD But this was fun to write. Thanks for reading!

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