A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is the story of Fiona Lupin's life, love, friendships, and death. All credits go to J.K. Rowling.

Fiona Lupin information:
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Brown
Brother: Remus Lupin
Blood: Half-blood
Gift: Animagus

Fiona is nearly the complete opposite of Remus. He is sensible, she's hard-headed and reckless. He's modest, she's cocky. He is good at controlling his anger, she is not. See where I'm going with this?
She loves her friends and family more than anything.


Chapter 1

Old Photographs and Story Telling

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, and the rest of the Weasley family sat around the kitchen table at 12 Grimmauld Place as Mrs. Weasley cooked dinner for them. They had all had a long day spent cleaning out rooms, getting rid of Boggarts and the other strange creatures that resided in the house, and keeping the annoying house elf, Kreacher, from stealing things as they threw them out. The entire house seemed well on their way to exhaustion. It wasn't until Sirius Black came bursting into the room did everyone else seem to become awake again. He sat in the empty seat next to Lupin and shoved pictures in his face.
"Look what I've found in my bedroom!" Sirius shouted animatedly. No one had ever seen him look so excited about anything.
Lupin's rather weary face seemed to light up as he looked at the pictures.
"What are they?" Ron asked, trying to peer over at the pictures. Lupin handed them to Harry, Hermione, and all of the Weasley children to look through.
Mrs. Weasley had stopped cooking to see what could possibly make Sirius this happy and excited and Mr. Weasley joined her. They both looked over the kids' shoulders at the pictures.
Scattered among everyone were at least a dozen pictures. All of them included a thin and beautiful girl with wavy and long dirty blonde hair and large chocolate eyes, and at least one member from Harry's father's old gang -- the Marauders. In a few of the pictures, the girl had five deeply lined scars on her cheek.
"Oh my goodness!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, snatching a picture from Ron's hands. She clasped a hand over her mouth and tears began to run down her cheeks.
"Sirius, are those really --" Lupin said.
"Fiona," Sirius confirmed.
Ron stole the picture that Ginny was examining.
"Blimey, Lupin! She looks exactly like you, but blonde," Ron observed, as Ginny grabbed the picture back from his hands.
"Well, Ron, she was my twin sister," Lupin said, taking the picture of himself and her off of the table and looking at it longingly.
"You had a twin, Lupin?" Fred and George asked, looking excitedly from one another to Lupin.
"They were almost complete opposites, though," Sirius noted.
"What do you mean she was your twin sister?" asked Hermione. Her eyebrows furrowed as if she already knew the answer to her question.
Lupin suddenly looked very solemn and said, "She died a little before your parents did, Harry."
"Voldemort thought that he could force James and Lily out of hiding by taking one of their closest friends. She was tortured for a little over a week before Pettigrew gave him the information that he wanted and, having no use for her anymore, he killed her," Sirius explained. A small sob escaped Mrs. Weasley and Hermione gasped.
"That's awful!" said Hermione. Lupin and Sirius nodded grimly.
"She lived a good life, though," Sirius said, trying to bring everyone off of the obviously painful topic, "She was one of the greatest girls I've ever met. She was the only girl among the Marauders that we'd accept -- other than Lily, of course. She knew just about everything that there was to know about us."
"She was a great friend to anyone that needed her. Even though I only knew her for a short time, she helped me through so much. We grew close. She was named your godmother, Ginny," Mrs. Weasley said, trying hard not to cry anymore.
Mr. Weasley put an arm comfortingly around his wife. Ginny's eyes grew wide at the newly learned knowledge.
"Your parents wouldn't be together without her, Harry," Sirius added.
"Why does she have scars on her face?" Ron asked bluntly. Hermione hit his arm, thinking the question was obviously insensitive.
Lupin grimaced a little. "There was an incident during our sixth year," Sirius went on to explain, "She didn't care about them, though, no matter how many people whispered about it. She was never one to care about what people thought about her."
"I still don't see how she ended up falling for you, Sirius," Lupin said sarcastically. Sirius gave him a small smile.
There were a few gasps from the kids around the table.
"She fell in love with Sirius?" Harry asked Lupin. Lupin chuckled and nodded.
"It's quite the story, actually?" Sirius said, smiling to himself.
"Can you tell it to us?" asked Harry, his interests sparked. Everyone around the table nodded in agreement. Sirius looked at Lupin and Lupin gave a small nod, as well, letting him know that it was okay to tell them.
Sirius looked back to the kids and said, "It all starts a bit before we actually started dating, during the summer of before our sixth year..."

Hey guys! If you've read the story, thank you so much! I'd like to give the credit of the photographs that Sirius finds to the author of A Moment Like This. Please leave comments telling me how you feel about it! I'll post more of it soon! Again, thank you so much for reading! Love you guys! -Kristynlynn

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