Could You Do Me A Favor?

Title is self-explanatory. Now keep reading! :P

Chapter 1

The Favor

As you know, I love to write, and I wish to become an author in the future some day, or a script writer for movies, something or anything that involves some type of writing in it. So here's the favor:

I know that some of you guys haven't read my stories or poems and what not. I don't blame you; you probably have a lot of stuff going on. But what I want to ask you guys is if you could read everything I post up here. I honestly want your opinion as to how good my writing is, your opinion on the plot line, etc etc. I really do want your opinion, whether it's good or bad. Don't worry, I won't be insulted if you don't like something or not.

Also, if you could, could you spread the word to other people about the things I write? I want more friends here on Quibblo so more people can see what I write every now and then :P I don't mean to appear selfish or anything. I just want more people to read what I write. After all, that's what I want to be known for some time in the future. The man who can entertain people with simple words on a page :)

If you do follow through with this favor and read my stories or spread the word of them, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do so for me. I couldn't have asked for greater friends :D

See you all when the moon is bright,
~ Wolf Boy.


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