Visible Only To You

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Chapter 1

The Accident

Raine locked the door to the restaurant. Today had been so long and busy and she was exhausted. She looked at her watch. 1:20 in the morning. She had worked from open to close and cleaned and locked up. At least she had taken the day off tomorrow. Her boss Jerry wasn't too thrilled about it.
She still had a twenty to thirty minute drive home. She sighed. She could get another job, but with the way the economy was now she was lucky enough to have this one. Especially in Oklahoma city.
Raine hopped in her car and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the interstate ramp. She clicked on the radio as she drove down the interstate. 
"The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson started playing. She smiled and sang along. This was her favorite song. 
She reached over to turn up the volume then turned back to see two bright lights shining in her face. 
Raine never had time to panic. Her small toyota corolla plowed into the huge truck and her body lurched forward at the sudden stop. Her head made contact with the steering wheel and the front of the car folded in on itself trapping her legs painfully. 
The back end of the car lifted up briefly then slammed back down onto the ground. The windshield cracked inwards and her windows blew out from the pressure. Blood trickled down her face as she looked out of the broken window weakly. 
Raine tried to yell for help, but all that came out was a whimper. 
Tears started to fall down her cheeks. 
"Help me." she whispered. 
She looked towards the truck that hit her. She could see the driver was unconscious. A flicker of light made her look under the truck. 
A small flame had ignited and slowly made it's way towards her. 
"Oh my God." she mouthed. 
She tried to move but every time she moved her legs pain shot through them. 
Panic and the fear of death shot set in. She couldn't move. She couldn't call for help. Nothing. 
The fire edged closer. Her frantic heartbeat pounded in her ears. 
Suddenly, water put out the flames and red and white lights flashed all around her. 
A man in a firehat appeared in the broken window. He said something but Raine didn't comprehend. 
"Are you alright?" he repeated. 
"I-" her voice gave out. She swallowed a lump in her throat. "My legs. I can't move my legs." Raine said. 
He nodded and tried to open the door of the Corolla but it was jammed. The frame had been bent. 
He yelled to the other firefighters and they brought the jaws of life. They pryed the door open and they delicately worked on the part where her legs were. 
Paramedics soon took the firefighters place. Raine was glad the noise had died down to just chatter. The paramedics slowly and carefully pulled her out of her totaled vehicle. She barely felt the movent. 
They put a neck brace on her and strapped her to the stretcher. They carried her to the ambulance. 
The neck brace was extremely uncomfortable. It felt like it was going to seperate her head from her neck. 
She felt strangely tired. Her ice blue eyes started to close. As she drifted into nothingness she wondered what her fate might be. 

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