New Friend

New Friend

Poem I wrote last year about a girl I had met. (: We are still really good friends, and I don't have a brother.. Hehe. :p

Chapter 1

New Friend

We just met and I've just gotta say
I know we will be best friends someday
Cause we can easily understand eachother
And we already love one another

It hasn't been long, but we already know
What easily makes this friendship grow
We know eachothers crushes and we know eachothers faults
And no one can make this friendship hault

I have always been so shhy and silent
Never been this humorously violent
But you came along and changed everything
Do we keep secrets? No, there is nothing

Nothing that we keep from eachother
Cause I love you much more than my brother
You are most important in this struggle we call LIFE
For I will love you, even in the after-life.(:


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