Depressing poem thingys that i write when i'm bored o.O

I get bored and write lol

Chapter 1

Without you.

I want you to talk to me, and I wish you felt the same
You hate me now but I take the blame
Nobody like's me this is true,
I just wish I never fell in love with you,
Now I sit here with my blade
Do I even need to explain?
The feelings I express for you are printed into my wrists
I didn't know a cure like this could exist.
The blood is there dripping down my arms,
No one cares, it's not like it's doing them any harm.
Why can't we be like before,why?
When we weren't with each other we wanted to die.
It's all just a fairytale,
I see it now.
How am I supposed to live without you,
Please tell me how.

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