I Feel Good (A.J Holmes Story)

Before I start, I wanted you all to see where I got the title from(:

Chapter 1


This is something...strange.
It's slightly familiar, but still a surprise.
This is something strange..I'd almost forgotten how good it feels.
To have a smile behind my eyes

I woke up on time today!
You must understand, this is quite an event.
I woke up on time today
A godddamn spring in my step,
I don't know what that meant,
I thought that I would shave today,
not-that-i-grow-that-much-hair-at-all still!
I thought that I would shave today, so I did by my phone,
I was hoping you'd call
I think I know what I'm feeling, my minds churning and reeling
and for once there's a reason why!

I feel...good.
I feel happy today!
I feel all sappy this way
I should care, but I don't
I feel good, like my mind is all free
I could say Golly Jee, but don't worry, I won't.
Forget all the sadness, the headtrips and madness, I am finally understood.

I feel, good!
I put on cologne today
I think it smells awful, maybe you'll disagree
I put on cologne today
in hopes that you'd like it
and give a kiss to me!

I guess you must think I'm crazy now,
I guess I would too if I wasn't me..
shakes head
you really think I'm crazy now
I have to be honest, I have to agree
my stomach is spinning but my smile is winning
I bet I could touch the skyyyy-
cause I feel good

But I don't wanna scare you
I just felt that maybe you should know
It's my turn to come around
and my feet have found the ground
I can't just sit here trying to let go
This is where I breakthrough
and I can't wait to tell you,
though it may not be time, you've got me sticking in rhyme

Chest swelling, face yelling,
Golly Jee, I haven't felt like this!
Is this alright to say that
if you could
cause if you could
I feel good

I haven't before, somehow you opened a door
and I love where it leads, I feel.
Starting with a clean slate
Okay, so this could be bate,
but its for someone like you!
I feel, FINE!
Like our love could combine
Our paths weren't intertwined
Although I've made a mess, I feel good.
I'm just trying, you see, to get you to smile at me,
and seeing if you'll say

I woke up on time, I shaved I even put on cologne, I know I'm crazy
but there's no denying-
its you and you make me feeel

And if you let me, I'll do what I can
to make you feel good too
cute smile

Hey guys! So these are the lyrics to I Feel Good by AJ Holmes! It's involved in my story that I shall be writing about him in the next chapter, so watch the video! I love the song(:

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