Can You Please?

Read down there!

Chapter 1


You guys know how I had another profile before? And then someone hacked into it so I made this new one? Well that person is still on there and she is bugging the crap out of me! First she steals my profile, then I gave her a second chance (I don't know why), and now she wants to cause problems! She already caused a problem before trying to ruin my friendship and then it lead to confusion and ya ya details blah blah blah...and now she wants to piss me off by
copying me! Ya she said I was her idol I mean wtf? She just wants to freakin piss me off! Alright, now can you just please delete her? She doesn't deserve friends!

If she's on your friends list please delete her! Here's her link:

I bet she's going to try to change her profile now and then cause more trouble. :(


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