Once Upon a Summer

This is a choose as you go story, so please follow the page (or rather chapters) as you are told otherwise you will get a wrong result thanks!

Okay lets start this off! A new school year is going to be starting after a much needed three months of summer vacation. Your name is Ashes, you're going into your last year of high school as the new student. After the recent death of your parents in a plane accident, you were sent to live with your dear aunt Jesika and cousin adopted Tray.

Chapter 1

Who are you

You hated the person you were back home, it just wasn't real. Now that you have the chance to be who you want you have decided you'll take it, mom and dad would want you to be happy here. So exactly what kind of girl are you going to be in this town? (Please note that each choice will effect your story)

* If you are going to be the Popular Preppy Girl go to chapter: Preppy Start
Your traits will be the following: Social, Shopaholic, Flirt,
*If you are going to be the Scholarly Nerdy Girl go to chapter: Nerd Start
Your Traits will be the following: Awkward, Smart, the ability to be taken seriously
*If you are going to be the Woeful Artist Girl go to chapter: Emo Girl Start
Your traits will be the following: Artfully gifted, Mellow, emotional
*If you are going to be the Punk Musician Girl go to chapter: Punk Girl
Your Traits will be: Anarchist, Instrument Oriented, nonconforming
*If you are going to be the Sporty Athletic Girl go to chapter: Tom Boy
Your Traits will be: Sports Oriented, Outgoing, Aggressive

There are ten different love options that can come out of this story! Please note this is a work in process so different options may not be up yet! Not to mention I'll be going through and editing as needed :D don't give up on me if you don't like the first results! I'm just doing this as i go no drafts, no real preplanned directions! Photos will be added, but please I'm not the best artist! Please keep checking back for more addition! Leave comments and message me your opinions or if you desire to be updated when new episodes are added!

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