Its a Mad Middle School

group story

if it says taken next to it it means that i already have a person for that character.

Chapter 1

It might help if I tell you the characters, so I will:

Cady: friends with Molly,Danny, Max,Johnny, and Liz . (Taken)
Crushes on Max
Short dirty blonde hair
Hazel Eyes
Average size
Not exactly skinny, but not fat either

Molly:Friends with Cady,Danny, Max,Johnny, and Liz. (taken)
Crushes on Danny.
Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Pretty skinny
Medium height

Max: Friends with Molly, Danny, and Cady, and Liz, and Johnny. (needed)
Crushes on Cady.
Long curly blonde hair.
Blue eyes.
Skinny, but buff.
Average height.

Danny: Friends with Molly, Cady and Max, Johnny,and Liz. (taken)
Blonde hair in his face
Crushes on Molly
Blue oceany eyes
Tall, tan, and musley

Liz:Friends with Molly, Cady and Max, Johnny,and Danny.(taken)
Redish brown shoulder lenth hair.
Brown eyes.
Not Fat not skinny.

Johnny:Friends with Molly, Cady and Max, Liz and Danny.(taken)
Brown swishy hair
Green eyes
Tall and skinny


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