Love isn't worth this. ( a horror/love story)

Name: Elizabeth Jones (nicknames Liz)
Personality: Smart, Observant, Curious, Interested in scary stuff.
Fav Color: Red
Fav Animal: Deer

Appearence: Straight brown hair, tall, brown eyes, Looks like Giggy's girlfriend on ICarly except you know smart.

This is for icecreamrocks for being so nice and friendly to me!

Chapter 1

The perfect costume!

"Liz!, Get down here right now". Well I guess stacy is back from swimming practice. "I'm going,chill out!" I know she's my best friend but I feel like if lately we were seperating little by little. I hate this feeling. I feel guilt but I haven't really done anything, have I? On my way down the stairs I look at my calendar. Oh GOD! It's October 25th and I still don't have my Halloween costume! That must be why she is mad at me. As I slowly creep down the stairs I notice she's just watching our favorite show on tv. Hmm have I done anything else? Suddenly Stacy says, " I can't wait until Halloween! I'm so excited and we still need our costumes! What should we be?" I suggested we just wear anything we find and I will just have my sisters old bumble bee costume. She looks at me like I'm crazy. Then she said, Oh my god! You know how our neighbor across the street is doing an extreme haunted house?! "yea"I said. "yea.... Well if we get a creepy costume maybe while we are in it we can sneak into a corner and pretend we are part of the haunted house. Then we can scare little children!" she exclaimed. I think about what she said because I could barely understand her since she talked so fast. Then I said "Well I guess that would be cool." " Cool? That would be awesome!" I run upstairs tripping over my own foot, yes im clumsy and grab my laptop from my purple desk. Stacy and I both go to and find the cutesy costumes. But, we needed to stay focused and find a creepy yet cute costume. Right then, Kenny my little brother comes out of his room crying with my mom at his tail. "Liz why did you tell your brother that ketchup is also used as lotion?!?", she yells. My older sister Beth comes out and highfives me. Stacy, Beth and I are literally rolling on the floor laughing! My brother looks like an idiot with ketchup all over his body! And of course I have no TV for a week. It's not like I care because I can watch movies on my laptop. Stacy and I keep skimming the costumes as Beth does her once a day 50 sit-ups. She is on a diet even though she looks like a spaghetti! I suddenly scream" That's the perfect costume!"

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