Same Words, Different Meanings

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Chapter 3

Let Me Show You How It Feels

So I finally got a girlfriend after all this. I was just too angry at Micheal and even Jack to care anymore. I needed someone who would talk to me and love me. Jack doesn't even say "I love you" when we go to sleep anymore. I'm sick of it.

Her name is Jessica, and she's super annoying, but at least she loves me.

"So Parker, what do you think we should do tonight?" Jessica traces my face with her finger.

"I dunno," I feel bad being unemotional, but I can't stop thinking of Jack. She went off to Ocean City with Micheal. Of course she lied to my parents and said she was going to New York with her friends, but I didn't say anything. I'm just going to let her go and figure out Micheal's decided to cheat on her already.

He told me that he was 3 weeks ago. I didn't tell him to get away from my sister. I just let him go. I'm just let her find out for herself. These things need to work out by themselves.

I don't even want to know what he's doing with her in Ocean City. I can't even begin to think. I'm about ready to jump in my car and take off to save her from him. He's become such a lunatic, as if he wasn't already.

Then I have an idea. I just happen to he's cheating with, and just happen to know where she is.

"I know where we could, Jessica."

"Where?" Jessica seems excited. I know she definitively will be when we get there. I never told her I knew she was cheating on me. I just let her go. I don't really care about her too much anyway, so why should I?

"Ocean City."

"Ocean City?" Jessica looks a little worried.


"Well, okay."

We go out to my car.

"How long are we going?"

"Just tonight. We'll be back by midnight."

"Oh. Okay," Jessica relaxes. I guess she figures there will be less of a chance to see Micheal and Jack when we're only there for a night.

We get there in about an hour. Before we out of the car, I kiss Jessica a few times to get her distracted while I slip her cell phone out of her pocket.

"Come on," I say as I get out of the car and put her cell phone in my back pocket. Then I make my way to the hotel Micheal and Jack are staying at.

"Hey Parker?" Jessica stops outside of the car.

"Yeah?" Please don't realize I stole your cell phone.

"I don't think we should go there."

"Go where?"

"In that hotel. Me and Jackie are have a fight, and I don't think I should go see her."

"Aw, Jack doesn't hold grudges. Come on!" I urge. Jessica reluctantly follows me in. I scan the lobby quickly. They aren't in sight. I go over to the front desk.

"Yes?" The man doesn't seem to be trusting of me.

"Um, I need to speak to my friend, Micheal Hanson."

The clerk types something in the computer and looks up at me suspiciously. "Room 405."

"Thank you," I nod and Jessica follows me to the elevators.

"Why are we going to visit Micheal and Jackie?" She wants to know.

"Because I need to talk to Jackie," I don't lie.

"About what?"

"Oh something," I know Jessica can't do anything about it now. I'm going up to their room and that's that.

We get out of the elevator and 405 is right on the left. I knock on the door. If Jackie answers the door, she won't remember to look out the little window thingy on the door. If Micheal answers, I'm not sure this door will ever open the stupid thing.

Luck for me, Jackie answers. All I see is her face sticking out from behind the door. Her mouth goes into a little o shape that makes my stomach flip and all I want to do is kiss her and be with her for the rest of my life. But of course that won't happen.

"Hello, Jack. Jessica and I thought we would stop in and see if you guys wanted to go out to dinner with us."

Jack's face lights up. "Okay!" She agrees. I know she is excited to see her big brother, but I wish I wasn't her big brother in her mind.

"Micheal?" Jack calls in the room.

"What is it, Jackie?" Micheal comes to the door. "Hey Parker," He raises his hand.

"Hey Micheal. Jessica and I thought you go out to dinner at the place downstairs."

Micheal's face holds a bit of confusion but he can't argue, especially with Jack standing there excitedly.

"Okay," He agrees and they follow me down the hall. Jessica is standing a few doors down and fake smiles when she sees them.

We all go down to the restaurant connected to hotel. It's not very fancy, and we all sit down a circular table. I'm between Jack and Jessica.

Jessica and Micheal are giving each other little looks of worry, but Jack doesn't even notice, she too busy asking me about her cat, Virgo.

"Is he okay? I feel so bad leaving him alone!" She frowns.

"He's fine, Jack. I'm taking care of him just like I promised," I squeeze her hand.

Jack gives me a priceless sweet smile. "Thank you, Parker! You are the sweetest person ever!" She hugs me.

Jessica leaves to "go to the bathroom" and Micheal leaves half a minute later "to go see what's taking the waiter so long with our drinks". Jack has no clue anything weird is going on, and I take this as my chance to talk to her.

"This is Jessica's cell phone. When they come back, wait a few minutes and go to the bathroom. Read all the texts from Micheal and the replies for me, okay?" I smile. Jack looks at me with a confused expression.

"Okay," She agrees.

Micheal and Jessica come back after coming up with a plan to get through the night without being suspicious. I want to tell them that there's no need to worry, I already figured it out for them.

A few minutes later, Jake excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Jessica starts rambling on about something, but I'm not paying attention. I'm too busy thinking about what kind of heartbreak Jack's experiencing right now.

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