Same Words, Different Meanings

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Chapter 2

You Notice Her Now?

"Your sister is so hot, dude," Micheal tells me. I just stare at him. Oh no, not this. This is the very last thing I needed. He never took notice in her before, so why now?

"Oh," I answer blankly.

"Well don't you think so?" Micheal wants to know. Of course I think so. Of course. I've been completely in love with her since 6th grade.

"She's my sister, Micheal," I protest. She's not my sister, not really. She just happens to pose as my sister.

It's the first day of 11th grade, and the first day of Jack's high school experience. She was the most popular girl in middle school, just like I had been the most popular boy. She was so excited to come to high school with me. As she put, we were going to "rule the school" together.

But now Micheal had to go and notice her. She's had boyfriends before but never did I worry about them because she's always liked Micheal the most. Since he never even noticed her, I never worried. I thought the day could come where I would tell her that we're not actually related. But now that he thinks she's hot...

"Do you think you could hook me up with her?" Micheal is asking me as I come back to reality. Of course I could hook him up with her. Do I feel like hooking him up with her would be the question and the answer would be no.

"Hey Parker," Jack comes up to me and hooks her arm in mine. "Heeeey Micheal." His name rolls of her tongue flirtatiously and suddenly I'm a little too aware that her shorts are too short and her top is cut too low for Micheal to see.

"Hello, gorgeous," Micheal comes over to Jack and takes her other arm. She immediately lets go of mine and practically clings to Micheal. I shouldn't have to put up with this. I'm the one that has seen her ups and downs, her goods and bads. I'm the one that knows her. For gosh sakes, I've live with her. He shouldn't get her attention.

"Parker and I are going bowling tonight," Jack reveals. "You wanna come?"

Micheal looks up at me. "You never said anything about that."

Micheal and I always go bowling together with Jack, but this time I didn't say anything, because I wanted it to be just Jack and I. Guess that didn't work out.

"Guess it slipped my mind," I lie.

Micheal turns back to Jack and I can see his eyes wander a little bit too far down her chest before answering, "I'd love to come."

"Then it's a date," Jack giggles. She never acts like this around me. With me, it's Miss. Tom Boy all the time. But I think I might like that Jack better. As she goes off to class, Micheal whistles.

"Dude, shut up," I punch his arm.

"Dude, I think you're jealous of me because I'm not her brother so I can go out with her," Micheal shoots back at me. Why, how did you guess?

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