Lovestruck Jayy Von Monroe love story

Hi I'm Jake and I'm 18 and Jayy's 19 I'm mexican but very pale and I have blue eyes, my hair is neon green with streaks of black and one streak of pink on the side.

Chapter 1

Merch Boy

by: KDVampire
"Dad I have to go," I yelled. If I didn't hurry they'd leave without me. I walked out the door with my bags and there was their van. Jayy was sitting in the back sucking a lolli pop and Dahvie was driving. Dam I wish Jayy wasn't taken by Daniel because he was smoken.
"Hello," Dahvie exclamed.
"Hey," I said. I was nervous again. I looked over at Jayy and he looked quiet sad.
"He saw Daniel cheating on him," the other guy sitting up front said. "Oh Hi I'm Tomee the drummer," he said.
"Jayy ask, Jake for a hug," Dahvie said.
Jayy turned to look at me and gave me a sad teary eyed look. I opened my arms up and he did the same.
"So you ready to be the new merch boy for BOTDF," Dahvie asked. I let go of Jayy eve though I didn't want to. I buckled my seat belt and we were off.
"Yep," I replied. He was wearing a cute green and pink Gir hoodie and black skinny jeans. His hair was black and red, cut short and spikey with a head band so cute. He lifted the bag of Blow Pops towards me.
"You want one," he asked.
"Sure," I laughed nervously.
"You don't have to be nervous around us, man," Jayy said.
"I know, Ima nervous reck," I breathed taking a random lolli pop from the bag. A blue one yay I thought. But big suprise it was cherry. "Ahh eww cherry," I gasped.
"Haha," Jayy laughed.
"But ish blue," I complained.
Jayy kept laughing.
I just kept sucking on it and looked out the window.

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