Trapped Fairy Tales -Your Harry Potter Love Story-


This is my first Harry Potter love story. :) I am not very good at writing stuffs like these, but I tried my best. xD It all starts from the beginning! There's some minor changes in the story, but that can do, right?

This story is all about you. (: I have decided not to name the character. As it is you, just fill the '__'(dashes) with your name.

I will come up with a Fred Weasley love story soon!

Chapter 1

The Hogwarts Express

by: Pranky
You looked all around the railway station. Platform 9 3/4, you thought to yourself. Now where do I find this? You looked at your mom hopelessly. She was standing just beside you. She gave you a kind smile. "Don't worry, I know exactly where it is!" She exclaimed. You grinned. You loved your mom! She knew everything.

She took your luggage cart and started taking fast steps. You followed her. It was a little hard for you too keep up with her, as you were only 11. You increased your pace and kept up with her.

Your mom stopped the station 9 and 10. She sighed with relief. "There it is!" She said. You were about to ask where platform 9 3/4 is but you saw some other people standing in front of you. There was a women, who looked a little older than your mother, with a small girl. There was a red head standing just beside her. Twins! You saw twins too! You loved twins. You thought they were amusing.

And there he was. Standing. Looking all nervous and uncomfortable. "Harry Potter," your mother whispered. She knew instantly who he was. You didn't know how she did it. You smiled. Wow, you thought.

All of them, except the little girl and the lady, who seemed to be her mother, had a cart. It consisted of packets and animals. Pet animals. "Mother, I think they are going to Hogwarts too!" You told your mom, looking all excited. "Of course they are! They are the Weasleys!" She replied back with a smile.

The lady noticed your mom as she approached her. "Molly!" Your mother exclaimed. "I am so glad that you are here too!" Molly or Mrs. Weasley grinned. "It has been years since we last met. You haven't change the tiniest bit!" She said. Your mother laughed. They hugged.

"Are these your kids?" Your mom asked Molly. It must be great to have so many siblings, you thought. You were a single child.

"Yes, of course!" Mrs. Weasley said. "Ginny and boys, say hello to Mrs.__!!"

"Hello!" Said the girl who seemed to be Ginny. She has a very nice smile, you thought.

"Good day!" The twins said together.

The other red head boy just seemed to smile.

Your mother responded to all of them with a kind smile. She suddenly turned her focus to Harry Potter. "It's nice to meet you, Harry," she said.

Harry looked a little confused, but he managed to smile. "It's nice to meet you too, ma'am," he said slowly.

You didn't hear any of their conversation after that. You were too busy looking at Harry Potter or the boy-who-lived. He's kind of cute, you thought.

"Is this __?" Mrs. Weasley said looking at you. You forced a smile. She squeezed your cheeks. "Oh my girl, you have grown so much!" She said. You could feel yourself blushing.

"Er, mother, we are getting late," one of the twins said. Mrs. Weasley nodded. "Go on, go on!" She said.

The first twin got in first. It was amazing! All you had to do was run through the wall. He was followed by the other twin brother. Mrs. Weasley asked Harry to continue next. "Its very easy, really," she said. "Do it at a bit of a run if you're nervous." Harry nodded. He got in easily.

Ron went next. It was your turn then. You looked at you mother. This whole Hogwarts thing was indeed exciting, but you know you would miss your mom. A lot! You hugged her. "Take care," were the last words she said. You started pushing your cart and went through the wall. It was great.

The next second, you were standing in a station with a train named 'Hogwarts Express' in front of you. "Cool!" You exclaimed. You made your way inside the train.

You searched for a good place to sit. But you couldn't. All the compartments were full. You finally came up to the seats where Harry and the red head Weasley had made themselves comfortable. You couldn't help but wanted to know everything about Harry Potter.

You knocked on the door. "Excuse me," you said. "Do you mind? Everywhere else is full." Harry grinned at you. "Not at all," he said.

You were glad. You decided to sit near the Weasley. Harry made you nervous sometimes, or every time.

"I am ____, by the way," you said.

"I am Ron, from the Weasley," the Weasley whose name seemed to be Ron said.

You looked at Harry, expecting him to introduce himself too. He smiled at you. A very warm and generous smile. You felt butterflies in your stomach.

"I am Harry, Harry Potter," he said.

You grinned. "Wow," you said. You couldn't help but feel excited. "So it's true," you continued, "do you really have the... scar?"

Harry grinned back. He lifted up his hair from his forehead, and there it was. The scar. It was shaped like a thunder. You started liking Harry more and more with every second.

"Wicked!" Ron said, closely observing the scar.

The next minute, you saw a lady walking by with a trolley full of sweets and chocolates. She stopped at your compartment. "Anything from the trolley, dear?" She asked. You were about to say no when you saw Harry take a bunch of coins out. He bought the whole lot!

"Do you have any siblings?" You asked Harry, trying to start a conversation. He shook his head. "No, just me. I do have a cousin though. I live with him, and my aunt and uncle." He said.

"Same with me!" You exclaimed. "I mean, not the aunt and uncle part but that I don't have any siblings. I always wished that I had."

"Oh no you don't," Ron said. "I have so many sibling, and guess what, they are a real pain!" You and Harry laughed.

The train ride was fabulous. You found yourself staring at Harry all the time. He sometimes caught you watching him, and smiled. You looked away, blushing like anything.

You, Harry and Ron spent the time chatting and having a good laugh. Ron explained about the different sweets and candies Harry bought. They were amusing! You thought that Ron was a very friendly person.

Ron was about to show you and Harry some Magic, when a girl who looked a lot of your age popped in the compartment door. "Has anyone seen a Toad?" She asked. "A boy named Neville has lost one." She had brown bushy hair.

You shook your head. "No," you said.

But she barely noticed you. Her eyes were directly looking at Ron. "Are you doing magic?" She asked. "Lets see!"

Ron cleared his throat and mumbled some so-called-spells, but the magic didn't work. The girl gave the I-knew-it look. She started talking about how she knew some simple magics but they at least worked. "Let me show you some," she said.

She went to Harry and pointed her wand straight to him. Your heart skipped. "Don't!" You cried. It kind of slipped out.

She rolled her eyes. "I am not going to harm him or anything," she said. You could feel yourself blush. "Oh..." you said apologetically. Harry slightly nodded at you. Ron was looking at you like you were an alien.

"Oculus reparo!" The girl cast a spell on Harry faintly-broken glasses. It was repaired within a few seconds. He took his glasses out and observed them. You sighed. At least nothing happened to him, you thought.

"Um, that was really good," you said. She smiled. "I know," she said.

She looked back at Harry again. "Holly cricket!" She said. "You are Harry Potter!" Harry smiled at her. You couldn't help but feel jealous.

"I am Hermione Granger!" She exclaimed. She looked at both Ron and you. "And you are..."

"I am Ron Weasley!" He said. He was eating something. You thought that he looked really funny when he ate and tried to say something at the same time.

"I am ____," You said.

"Pleasure," Hermione said, making a face at Ron. She asked you to change into robes and left with saying that Ron has some dirt on his nose.

You sighed. You were glad she was gone. You didn't really like her. She seemed bossy.

"Thank you, by the way," Harry said, distracting you from your thoughts. You looked at him, confused. "For thinking the good of me!" He quickly said when you showed no sign of understanding.

"Oh!" You said nodding. "I was scared. I thought that she was going to fail or cast the wrong spell," you said.

"Yeah," Ron agreed. "She isn't as smart as she acts."

The train whistled. You were almost there. You looked at Harry. This time he was staring at you. He looked away quickly. You smiled to yourself.

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