Banana!!! (Shane Dawson Love Story)

It's a shane dawson love story. Deal with it.
Name: Taylor Johnson
Age: 23
Fav. color: Hot pink and black
Hair: White-blonde straight, long, to belly button
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Pale-ish
Favorite song: Mockingbird by Eminem
Celeb crush: Tom Felton (Played Draco Malfoy on Harry Potter ifyadidntknow

Chapter 4

Premier (Picture is her dresss :D)

by: gallavich
I invited Shane to come to the premier with me. He was going to drive me. I quickly got changed and made myself look good. I grabbed my zebra purse and zebra stilettos and realized it matched perfectly. The doorbell rang, and I hurried down and answered it.
"Hey Shane!" I said.
"Hey, you ready?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said. "Daddy! I'm leaving! I'll see you tomorrow!" I yelled.
"Bye honey!" He said. We walked to Shane's car and I got in the passenger seat. We drove to the premier, and we went in the crowd around the red carpet. The guy who played Harry walked down and everyone screamed. Me and Shane were up front, so we had a really good view. Hermoine, then Ron, then Snape (XD), and then Draco! I got really excited and screamed. I covered my mouth, and he looked RIGHT at me!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I smiled as big as I could. He kept walking. I looked at Shane.
"That was SO COOL!!!" I exclaimed.
"Lol, you're weird when you're excited." He said laughing. We went in and watched the movie. It was EPIC! Then we went to the AFTERPARTY WOO! We walked in and I saw EVERYONE from the movie. I still had the song that Dad sang for me on my birthday stuck in my head. Suddenly I started singing it. I saw Tom Felton and nearly SCREAMED! I looked at Shane and grabbed his arm as tightly as I could.
"It's him!" I said excitedly.
"Relax! We're kind of famous too, it's not that big a deal." He said.
"For you! You're Shane Dawson!" I exclaimed.
"You're Taylor Johnson!" He said.
"...You're right." I said.
"Good, cause here he comes." Shane said.
"OMG do I look good?!" I said.
"You're such an obsessed fan girl!" Shane joked.
"Hi, aren't you Taylor Johnson?" I heard a voice say. I turned around and saw him.
"Uh- Uh yeah" I stuttered.
"Cool! I've always wanted to see you." He said. I felt my eyes get wide and my face get red.
"You wanted to see ME?" I exclaimed.
"Yeah." He said simply. I smiled.
"Wow, you're like, the coolest person on Harry Potter, and I'm just some chick on Youtube... and you wanted to meet me?!" I asked.
"Yup." He said. "You're pretty famous on Youtube." He said. I raised one eyebrow and pointed at Shane. His eyes got wider than when he saw me.
"You're Shane Dawson!" He said.
"Hey what happened to me?" I said laughing. Shane rolled his eyes at me.
"Lighten up, Shane!" I said elbowing him. Then I realized something.
"I forgot to vlog! You should too." I said to Shane, searching for my iPhone in my purse.
"Good idea!" Shane said, grabbing his iPhone out of his pocket.
"Being a guy must be so much easier." I said, still searching in my purse. I found it and started vlogging.
"So, guess who I'm with?" I said excitedly in the camera. I turned it to Shane.
"No, not him." I said laughing. I turned it to Tom Felton.
"Yeah, him!!!" I said happily. He waved.
"Yeah, I'm at the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premier." I heard Shane say nonchalantly.
"What he said." I said. He laughed. I just realized how cute his laugh was.
"Hey, guys I have to go meet some fans. Bye." Tom said.
"Bye..." I said, dreamily daydreaming about Shane.
"Bye man." Shane said. I plopped on a couch (ikr couches in all of my stories that involve backstages/premiers XD) and daydreamed about Shane. I was really starting to like him. Shane came over and sat down next to me.
"That was intense." He said laughing.
"Yeah." I laughed. I looked at my iPhone.
"Alright guys I'm going to go right now. Peace out!" I said, blowing a kiss at the camera.
"Yeah, I'm going to go, too. Bye" He said, kissing his hand and putting it on the lense.
"Hey, did you see Ryan's Shane Dawson exit?" I asked him.
"No. Show me." He said. I got the video up.
"Nice." He said laughing. I laughed too.
"Hey, Did you see Ryan's Taylor Johnson exit?" Shane asked.
"Did he do one? I didn't know." I said. He showed me on his iPhone.
"Wooow..." I said laughing. I looked at him, to notice he was staring at me dreamily. I could feel my face getting red. He quickly looked away. Suddenly, Kim ruined our moment by coming up and screaming.
"Kim?! WHAT IS IT?! And why are you here? How are you here?" I exclaimed.
"I- and he-- and then he was there- and..and...and I got it!!!" Kim stuttered.
"Who was here and you got what?" I asked.
"I got Shane's number when you were talking to that guy who plays Draco!" She said. Shane's expression turned from surprise, to anger, to guilt. I looked at him. Then at her. Then at him. Slowly I got up, walked out, and called my Dad to pick me up.

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