Banana!!! (Shane Dawson Love Story)

It's a shane dawson love story. Deal with it.
Name: Taylor Johnson
Age: 23
Fav. color: Hot pink and black
Hair: White-blonde straight, long, to belly button
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Pale-ish
Favorite song: Mockingbird by Eminem
Celeb crush: Tom Felton (Played Draco Malfoy on Harry Potter ifyadidntknow

Chapter 1

Vidcon :D

by: gallavich
I came walking onto the stage, and everyone started cheering. I was going to do a question and answering with Shane Dawson. I was more excited than the people in the audience were! Shane came out, and I nearly fainted! We sat on the couch.
"Heyy I feel like Justin Bieber!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah!" Shane said. The crowd cheered and laughed.
"Alright, who's question first?" I asked. I looked into the audience and saw a girl with pink hair. She looked really cool.
"You with the pink hair." I said.
"Are you and Shane going to hook up anytime soon? You know we all want you to." She said. I felt my face get red.
"Uh... No..?" I said.
"Alright... you with the black hair and the zebra shirt." Shane said.
"Can I sit with you guys up there?" She said.
"Yeah sure!" We said. She sat next to me. I noticed I was wearing a zebra tank top and she was wearing a zebra t-shirt. I laughed once.
"Um... You dude with the brown hair and Shane Dawson t-shirt in the front."
"Taylor will you marry me?" He asked.
"... Uh, how old are you?" I asked.
"16." He said.
"Yeah... that's illegal" I said laughing.
"Sadly." He said.
"Well, thanks anyway!" I said.
"Uhm... you guy in the back with the black hair." Shane said.
"I have a question for Taylor." He said.
"Alright...?" I said.
"When are you going to put up your School's Out special with Shane?" He asked.
"We're going to work on it after Vidcon." I answered. A few more questions went by until the deadly question.
"Can you kiss Shane right now?"
"Um... I don't know?" I answered. Suddenly the crowd started chanting KISS! KISS! KISS! I felt my face get red. Shane looked at me. I looked at Shane.
"It is all about our fans." I said.
"It is..." Shane said. We shrugged and kissed. Everyone went OOOOH! We pulled away. The questions went by fast and then it was time to meet a bunch of Youtube celebrities. I realized that Ryan Higa, Fred,and WinterSpringPro would be there! I got really excited. I saw Ryan Higa and got soooo excited! He came up to me.
"Hey." I said.
"Hey, aren't you Taylor Johnson?" He asked
"Yup. Aren't you Ryan Higa?" I asked.
"Yup. So, I got to go. See you later." He said. He walked away, and Lucas (Fred) came up.
"Hi!" I said.
"Hey, whats up?" He said.
"I'm like, so excited meeting you! Wow!" I said.
"I could say the same to you!" He said.
"It's so cool meeting you." I said.
"You too! Well, I gotta go meet a few fans. See ya." He said.
"Bye." I said.
I went and sat on a couch and put my iPod in and started singing along to Slytherin Night. Suddenly I saw Joey walking up to me!!! OMG!!! I took my earbuds out.
"Uh... Hi" I said.
"Hey. You like our song?" He said.
"Duuh!" I said laughing.
"Cool! Well... Bye." He said. That was weird... When vidcon ended I decided to wait for Shane. He walked out.
"Hey, my house to shoot the vid or yours?" I asked him.
"Uhh, mine." He said.
"Cool, let's go." I said. We hopped in his car and drove to his house.
"So what's it about?" I asked.
"Dance battle." Shane said. Sweet! He was going DOWN!
"Be ready to lose." I said.
"As if." He said. He turned on the camera.
"Hey guys, I'm here with Taylor Johnson! Ahhh!" He let out a huge girl-ish scream.
"Yo peeps." I said giving the peace sign.
"We gon have a dance battle!" Shane said in his Shanaynay voice.
"Got a little Shananay wanting to jump free, Shane?" I asked. "Wait, that doesn't sound right..." I added. Shane started laughing.
"Alright, what song?" Shane asked.
"UHHHHH Mr.Saxobeat FTW!" I said.
"Yes!" Shane exclaimed. He turned it on, and I started bolting out my best breakdancing moves. And I was a really good breakdancer. Shane was just doing random moves like the sprinkler, and the cabbage patch. When the song ended, I was in a shoulder stand and Shane was posing really mentally.
"I won." I said.
"Yeah? Well I have something that you don't" Shane said.
"A..." I started.
"No, not that. My FRICKIN AWESOME HURR." He exclaimed.
"My hair is better." I said.
"Let's see what the Youtubers think." He said.
"Alright." I said.
"They're gonna say me." He said looking at the camera then mouthing please.
"What?! Can I have one?!" He said.
"Fine. Only if I get a Shane Dason t-shirt." I said.
"Alright." He said.
"Mine are sold at Hollister." I said.
"Aw, you get the better store too?!" He said.
"We can trade stores." I said.
"Really?" He asked hopeful.
"No." I said laughing. He frowned.
"Oh! And before we end this video, I have an ANNOUNCEMENT that I will also post on my account." I said.
"What is it?" Shane said excitedly.
"Tomorrow is my birthday!! Not that it matters cause nobody cares about me... but yeah!" I said.
"What do yo want for your birthday?" Shane asked.
"UHHHHHH-- Shane Dawson T-shirt... I've been wanting one for a while now."
"Really?" Shane asked.
"Yeah... Well we should get going. Which exit should we use, this will be on both of our channels." I said.
"Mine." He said.
"No mine!"
"Both." He said.
"Alright." I blew a kiss at the camera and Shane kissed his hand and put it on the camera.
"Hey, I'm having a party at my house tonight if u wanna come." I said.
"For your birthday?" Shane asked.
"No, nobody gives a sh!t about my birthday. It's for vidcon." I said.
"Oh... well sure I'll come." He said.
"Well then make yourself look good... no offence... but I am already in my dress. I just need to take off my over clothes." I said.
"Alright... I'll get dressed right now." He said. I went to his bathroom and took off my sweater and jeans to reveal my sexy black dress. I cam out and Shane was already ready.
"You finish getting ready fast." I said.
"You get ready well..." He said looking me up and down.
"Perv... Let's go." I said.

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