Charmed and Dangerous (a Sirius Black love story!)

Name: Mauri Shells
Age: 13
Looks: Strawberry-Blonde, light purple eyes, 5"5', thin but very muscular, ver pretty.
Family: Doesn't know who her dad is, was raised (and hated) by her mother and has a little brother Kelleirr age 11.
Likes: Singing, PRANKS, the water, transfiguration, waking up early.
Secrets: Her mother is a Water Nymph giving Mari (some) control over the element of water. Also, when she touches water she well. Uh. Gets a tail.

Chapter 1

These things are pointless so from now on they are going to be random! Okay? Awesome!

August 15. The day of my mothers death. The day of my freedom. They day before my brothers birthday. Some may say it was heartless to be happy on the day that my mother died, but after being treated like scum for 14 years, and watching my poor brother have to endure it as well is enough to get anyone mad. So when the other nymphs who my foul mother was friends with drew themselves out of the water to present the news, I didn't care that they looked at me with obvious hatred. Or that since my mother was gone we were going to be kicked out of the little shack nearest the salt water spring where she lived. The only memories of her that remained in the shack was the ones of her screaming at us, or denying me from going to Hogwarts, the only thing I ever wanted. I was the daughter of an incredibly attractive nymph as well as a daughter of an unknown wizard. Within a glee-filled hour both Kelleirr and I had packed
everything in our small shack into a bag walked away from the now glaring nymphs without saying a word to them.
"She's really gone." Kelleirr said shaking his head in wonder. "those stupid nymphs didn't tell us how, but finally she's gone!" He grinned but suddenly stopped as my darling mother said he looked stupid when he smiled because of
his chipped tooth.
"Yup. No we are free to do whatever we need!" I said, pulling him into a hug. "Now let's see, we will need somewhere to stay until school starts, I think that the leaky caldron will do. We stayed there with mom once when she went to get some gold from gringotts, do you remember?"
"Ya, but how are we going to get there?"
"ahem ahem." A funny looking character looked down at us from a large red bus, rolling slowly along the road a few feet away. "dat would be me job here
miss. Stan at your service. An' I'm here ta take ya where ya need."
"The leaky caldron please sir." I said with confidence.
"Right away!" Then he mumbled, slightly amused, "sir? I think I like her! Yes I do tink I do!"
Next Day
"I got my letter Mauri I got it!"
"Well of course you did! I haven't been teaching you wandless magic for nothing have I?"
Together we wrote a response to the letter saying that not only was Kelleirr going to begin to attend Hogwarts, but I was too! We borrowed the bar and owl as he had been most kind to our predicament waited and waited hopefully for a confirmation that we would both be able to go. Luckily, our hope was not useless as Proffesor McGonagall told us that we would both be accepted! Tomorrow we would go to Diogon Alley and get our things, for both a first year and a third!

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