HEY this is going 2 b my real 1st story cuz the other one isn't working out so i really hope you enjoy this one

Character info:
Sienna Melo
looks: curly brown hair, original eyes brown, 5'2
little power: her eyes change going by her eyes
what she likes:music, be with her twin,and little sisters, hang out with friends,and o swimming
Family: Her Mom, Dad, twin sister Elena, and her 2 little sisters Elise and Gianna
Sara Lopez, Michelle Smith , and Mike Taylor

Chapter 2

Ch.2 Suprise Suprise some tough love

Sienna P.O.V

When me and Jose were done making out i looked at the time, it was time for me to get home.

"hey do you think your mom can drop me off?"

"hm, oh-oh yeah, come on and i'll ask her, but i'll miss you." he said still kind of dazed

i knew what he was trying to do well i wasn't ready for him tryin to get in my pants i mean i stil loved him but really couldn't he be a little more gentle with my feelings i wasn't a v1rg1n but that was because my ex would abnse and rap me, shivers went down my spine just thinking about it.

"I'm gonna miss you too." i gave a little smirk

When I got home i saw him my old-ex best friend/crush what was he doing here?! When he saw me his eyes went to brown to a silver/turquoise mix, but when i blinked and looked at him again i was so confused because his eyes went to a beautiful chocolate brown that i loved so muc-wait what the he!1 was i talking about i didn't like him anymore he moved away and never talked to me again like he promised.When i saw Elena i grabbed her by the arm and pulled to the back room.

"Elena what the he11 is he doing here you know i never wanted to see or hear from him again!"

"i know that but he said he had to tell us something very important."

Juan's P.O.V

When i saw Sienna i knew she was my mate because my wolf just wanted to pick her up and take her for myself, when Elena came in i was still looking at Sienna but her gaze went to Elena when she came in and man did she look so dam hot when she was mad. She came up to her sister and grabbed her by the arm and took her to the back room i could hear my mate asking why i was here and that she never wanted to see or hear from me again when i heard this i felt so crushed, but i could hear Elena trying to get her to just listen to me. When they came back i was still kinda crushed, but i stood up and walked towards them.
Sienna P.O.V

When we went back into the living room he stood up and started walking towards us and he tried to hide the fact that his feeling were hurt but he still was full of love. WAIT LOVE why the heck was he full of love??

"Luna i have something to tell you."

oh that's it-wait he loves me but how why what does he mean by that?!?

"What, how can you love me?" I was so confused i didn't even know how to ask a question

"you're my mate-"

"whoa whoa what does that even mean?"

"it means that where soul mates we're each other missing half."

when he said that i didn't even know what to say

" i...i..can't tell you anything i'm just so confused...i don't even know what to say i mean i have a boyfriend i can't just dump him right off the back,...what do you expet me to say to him 'oh i'm dumping you 'cause i found my other half'' i can't just say that to him Juan."
"Then just give me just a week to prove to you that I'm the one your supposed to be with."


"please Sienna just one week"

he really wanted to prove to me that he was my true love

'ok but one week only and if mess you up just one time that's it game over got it?"

"got it.'

"Hey Sienna we better get reading for bed before mom and dad come home."

when i looked at the clock i couldn't believe what time it was it was already 10

"yeah well you can go change i'll go put the girls to sleep and you stay here."

When i went into the girls room they were laying down but giggling so i decided to sing to them a little song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star it was their favorite:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are.

(and well you know the rest LOL)

When i was done singing to them they fell asleep.
Elena P.O.V

When i walked in the living room i saw Juan just sitting there.

"Hey you should get going i don't know when our parents will show up."

"oh ok."


Me and Luna decided to stay up for a little and watch a movie. tap tap
"Sienna did you here that?"

"if your talking about that tapping noise then...yes."

tap tap tap TAP

Me and Sienna jumped and then i felt myself starting to get up and grab a bat, when i looked out and open it....

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