HEY this is going 2 b my real 1st story cuz the other one isn't working out so i really hope you enjoy this one

Character info:
Sienna Melo
looks: curly brown hair, original eyes brown, 5'2
little power: her eyes change going by her eyes
what she likes:music, be with her twin,and little sisters, hang out with friends,and o swimming
Family: Her Mom, Dad, twin sister Elena, and her 2 little sisters Elise and Gianna
Sara Lopez, Michelle Smith , and Mike Taylor

Chapter 1


When i woke up that morning i layed their relaxing before i got up and had to hear my mom yelling me to do my chores, when i was resting and enjoying the sun my two little sisters came in and saw me awake, and when i told them to get out my mom came in.
"Elena hurry up and get out of bed so you can start the laundry and watch your little sisters well i'm out to go and visit your aunt Jill and see how she's doing."

I didn't was to argue so (like we usally did) early in the morning, so i just got up and started seperating the clothes. Oh yeah your probably wondering all about me well my name is Elena Melo my hair is super curly and stop right above my chest, when it's dry,also i have brown hair and eyes I'm 5'0 and i'm 15 years old also I'm Mexican n Native American my parents are Angelica Quevedo and Rick (Marquez) Melo (well my dad kinda has two last names also my parents aren't divorced my mom just didn't want to bother changing her last name) and i have two little sisters named Elise and Gianna and older-then-me-by-a-minute-twin-sister Sienna well right now she's not here she's pretending to be at her freinds house sleeping over when she was actually at her boyfriend making out. When i was done seperating and loading the stroller i went to the aapartments laundry place and when i was looking around i saw him Juan my old-ex friend looking around and walking towards my house, well it had to be i mean no one else he knows live here, but before he could look this way and see me i ran so fast to the laundry place with the clothes on the stroller i mean i looked pretty retarded for doing it, and when i got in i locked the door and looked out the window, wow i was right he went in to my porch, oh crab i totally forgot about Elise and Gianna were in there still i tried to look over and I'm pretty sure that they told him where i was because he started walking this way. I turned around and panicked but when i looked outside he wasn't their or so i thought i heard him trying to open the door, CRAB!

"Elena open the door i know you're in their, come on open it i just need to know where Sienna is so i can talk to her."

"Talk to her about what."

".....Look i can't tell you right now, i really need to know where she is so i can tell her..."

he sounded so unsure of what to say to me next so i started the conversation this time.

"Look i can't tell you where she is but by the time i'm done with the laundry she'll be home so you can either stay or come back later."

"....i'll wait here."

'"ok but don't go back to the house yet i need to tell Elise and Gianna not to worry about you." i giggled the last part

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