Paper Heart

This is a story I wrote last night. :) Its about some high school friends. Please do tell me if you like it. I am very sorry if I made any spelling/grammatical mistakes and all. I am not that good at English. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Chapter 1

The Birthday Gift

by: Pranky
"Stop it!" Alan Frank said rolling his eyes at his friend Marvin Garner. Marvin laughed. "Why?" He asked, "Are you embarassed? I cannot believe this!" He tried to hold back his laughter, but didn't succeed, again. Alan rolled his eyes again. He was annoyed. Him and Marvin were best friends, but he couldn't help but realise that Marvin was a big pain in the back. Marvin started laughing like some insane. Alan glared at him for a moment. "Its not funny Marv," he said. "She's my girlfriend and I don't care how childish she acts or how boring she is." That kind of stopped Marvin from laughing, but he burst out again. He shook his head. "I am sorry Al," he said, "but I cannot help but laugh. I mean who on the name of god would give her boyfriend a pet rock for his birthday?"

It was true. Alan's girlfriend Lisa Pearson gave him pet rock for his birthday. "Here!" she had said. "I am so glad that you are finally turning 15. I have a gift for you!" Alan was handed a square box. It was wrapped, of course. He exitedly opened it, but alas, found a badly shaped rock in it. "Isn't it cute?" Lisa drooled. Alan couldn't help but smile at her. He had to name the pet rock 'Popo' because Lisa asked him to. Alan thought it was cute. He likes everything and anything that has to do with Lisa.

Marvin brushed back his blonde hair. "Man, really, this is weird. I mean, what kind of name is Popo?" He asked. Alan just shrugged. He was deeply lost in the thoughts of Lisa. Marvin gave him a quick shove. "What did you say to her? You said that you liked it?" He asked. Alan gave a little smile. "Anything for her," he said. Marvin smacked his forehead and laughed. "What has she done to you, Al? Look at you!" He said laughing, in a friendly kind of way. Alan chuckled. "I know you are jealous," he said, "Cause I have a girlfriend and you don't!" He teased Marvin, smirking all he can. Marvin groaned. "Oh please," he said. "Don't start it all over again. I told you that I am waiting for my perfect girl. Anyways, I can get a girlfriend with a snap of my fingers," he said snapping his fingers instantly. Alan rolled his eyes, something that he totally loved to do. "Yeah yeah. You got it right, Mr. Perfect," he said sarcastically. But it was true, Marvin was actually the Mr. Perfect.

Marvin had amazing blonde hair falling all over his forehead and icy blue eyes. He was always number one in sports and was fairly good in studies. "Oh my god, he's so charming," was all what his female classmates said. He was popular and very out going too. Not to mention his amazing tallness. On the other hand, Alan had brown curly hair, with big brown puppy eyes. He was cute, in some way or other. His features were very soft. He looked a year or two younger than Marvin. You can say that his height was not the best thing about him. He was clumsy and called himself unlucky most of the time. But people considered him as a nice kid. He wasn't as popular as Marvin among the females, but they still thought that he was kind of cute.

But the main point was, Alan had a girlfriend, but Marvin didn't.

"But still, wasn't your ex-girlfriend perfect enough for you?" Alan asked Marvin, looking at the watch to check if the time has come so he could call Lisa. He was hanging out with Marvin in his room. Some empty soda cans and chips packet lied all around the floor. Alan's room was small. Let's say, his parents weren't the richest in the neighborhood. He wanted Lisa to be there with him, holding his hand and looking right into his eyes. Marvin made a face when he heard the reference of his ex. "Who? Carol? Don't mention her name, please. I might not be able to eat anything for days," he said, still disgusted. Alan laughed. "It's not her fault that she cheated on you. You're just so boring!" He said in between his laughs. Marvin sighed. "Let's not talk about it. It has been 6 months since our breakup. I am over her, really." He picked one of the empty cans on the floor and looked at Alan. "Dude," he said, "we have a lot of cleaning to do before your parents come back..."

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