Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Ellie took his hand, looking out at the destruction awaiting them. "Will you stay with me?"
"I won't ever leave your side"

Chapter 6

Christmas Gifts

by: parabol
[If you haven't read chapter five, please do!]

Ellie's eyes fluttered open and a the slight bit of sunlight that peeked through the curtains of the room. Her head raised away from Fred's chest, examining the room, slowly coming to the realization it was Christmas. She smiled, and moved her body closer to his, letting her soft lips meet his.

Fred woke with a smile, his brown gaze meeting her baby blue one as she raised her head away. "Morning." He said, raising a hand and running his finger through her bright ginger hair. "Happy Christmas, Fred." Ellie said, staring at him from a moment before sitting completely up.

"Happy Chirstmas to you too." He replied, sitting up and kissing her forehead. As he pushed to covers off her got to his feet, Ellie basically repeating him. The two got dressed, spending the day together outside in the snow.

Molly soon called them in for dinner, hugging them both as they walked to the door.

After Arthur Weasley sat down, still looking a bit battered, Molly handed the Weasley's, Harry, Hermione, and Ellie a present.

Ellie, who naturally sat next to Fred, smiled at her gift, a simple scarf, though it made her happy. Immediately, she wrapped it around her neck, and after talking for a while, she walked outside to the snow covered street. She three the snow off the steps and sat, hands in the pockets of her sweater, baby blues gazing out.

Twelve years... She thought, her mind taking a plunge away from the joy and Christmas cheer to thoughts of her last christmas with her mother. It was a terrible concept to grasp, what her mother had done to be taken away from her. The woman who had showered her with love....

Fred appearing next to her broke her thoughts, her eyes drifting to him. The look on his face told her that he knew just what was going through her mind. "It's not all bad.." he said simply. Ellie shot him a slight glare And how would you know? she thought, though immediately pushed it away.

"It's just been... so long. I mean have you now, but I still wish that I could have a complete family." Ellie said, looking out to the street once more. She narrowed her eyes towards the snow covered street. "It would be nice..."

Fred reached down and grabbed her hand, and at his touch, her eyes moved to their hands, and up to him. "Why're think about this? I mean, today is a day that every single trouble should seem... well.. non-existant." he said. His fingers entwined with hers, sitting there for a moment while he waited to recieve an answer.

"My mom was taken away today, twelve years ago. It's hard for me not to think about that day. It's just so damn hard to wrap my brain around why she was taken away. How she could do something like that, but seem so sweet and caring." Ellie said, moving her body closer to his, rested her head neatly on his shoulder.

The two sat together, watching the snow fall, fingers still entwined, up until the moment they were told they should go to bed.

~~Alright, I know, sappy and stupid, I'm sorry. Forgive me! I just like sappy
moments... Especially when they include Fred Weasley. Anyway, School has
started, but I will be sure to continue to update. Until next time -Mission Cupcakes~~

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