Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Ellie took his hand, looking out at the destruction awaiting them. "Will you stay with me?"
"I won't ever leave your side"

Chapter 3

Closer and Closer

by: parabol

Ellie did't stop kissing him, though she knew it was wrong. Getting a bit caught up she pushed him back, on top of him now. She pulled her lips away from his and stared at him. "So does this mean you like me?" Fred asked, a smile crawling on his face. Ellie shook her head "No, I don't like you, Fred" she told him.

"Then why were you just kissing m..." he was hushed by Ellie placing a finger on his lips. "I didn't finish. Fred, i don't like you because i know for a fact that i'm in love with you" she whispered. Fred took a hand, placing it on her back and he leaned up, kissing her once again. Ellie's legs wrapped around his waist and her hands placed on the back of his head as they layed there, snogging.

George quietly moved the shelf away from the door, and opened the door. When he saw them kissing he back out, closing the door quietly. "I knew that would work" he praised himself. Ellie pulled back "This feels so wrong..." she sighed. "Is it because your still dating Seamus?" Fred knew the answer was yes.

She nodded slowly "But with you.. i feel more than i ever have with Seamus, and thats why i love YOU, Fred Weasley." she smiled and rested her head on his chest. Fred smiled and placed his free hand on the back of her head. "I love you too, Ellie." he told her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When they get back to Hogwarts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ellie and Fred didn't hold hands, not wanting to signal that Ellie had cheated on Seamus. They only walked close to each other, George in front of them, as they walked into the Gryffindor Common Room. Seamus caught sight of his girlfriend and walked over to her. Fred scooted to the side, leaving the two alone.

When Seamus leaned to kiss her Ellie looked away. "Is something the matter?" he asked her. "Seamus, I'm sorry, I just... I'm... God how do i say this..." she mumbled the last part to herself, since she was usually the one being dumped. Seamus sighed, he knew exactly where it was going. "You want to break up... don't you?" he said a bit upset.

Ellie nodded slowly "I'm sorry It's just that.." she turned her gaze over to Fred. Seamus followed "Fred.... Oh.. well okay, YOu don't have to be sorry, i guess" he said and walked away quietly. Ellie shook her head as if to scold herself and she walked over to Fred. She didn't exactly jump for joy now that she and Fred could be together.

Fred grabbed her hands, looking at the window on the far wall. Snow drifted down, just as it had ben doing for the past month. He turned his gaze back to her "I need to ask you something." he told her. Ellie nodded, looking up at him. "Well it's almost the holidays and i was wondering if you wanted to come stay with my family over the break." he told her, and was barely able to finish as she jumped at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. 'I take that as a yes" he smiled and she nodded.

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