Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Miracles[Fred Weasley Love Story]

Ellie took his hand, looking out at the destruction awaiting them. "Will you stay with me?"
"I won't ever leave your side"

Chapter 2

Taking Over

by: parabol

Over the course of three weeks Ellie constantly requested Rainchecks, causing both Fred and George to feel as Seamus was more important than their friendship. That didn't stop them from telling their long time friend that it was fine, even when she told them that she could stay with them.

"Bye Seamus!" Ellie called walking into the Gryffindor common room as Seamus had decided to go to Hogsmeade. Fred and George sat on the couch, a gap in the middle of them. When Ellie walked over to them, George scooted next to his brother. "What's with you?" she asked, not trying to sit next to them.

"Ask Seamus, it seems as though he the one you always go to" George replied, looking at her. "I Always ask you if you guys don't want me to go with him! And now i'm the one to blame. Yeah that sounds reasonable." Ellie snapped, her voice still soft and sweet as usual.

"Well your our friend, and we don't want to force you to stay with us if you don't feel like it. If you wanna hand out with your younger boyfriend, go ahead, no ones stopping you." Fred told her, and it was true, he didn't want her to feel like they hated Seamus and wanted her to spend every second of every day with them.

"Then i promise to make it up to you guys, tomorrow, we can spend the whole day together" she told him. "Better not break that promise" Fred huffed. "I won't I promise you guys" Ellie smiled at him, gave him a small hug, and went upstairs to her room. "Ah... your gonna love this" George smirked, not looking to his brother.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Morning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ellie walked down the steps, already dressed, and now waiting by the lit fire for Fred and George. The two snuck up behind her, causing her to jump. "Wow... easiest prank ever.." George smirked, Fred nodded. Ellie grabbed Fred's arm and pulled herself up. As she did that, her face almost met his. The two stared at each other for what seemed like forever. "Ahem...."George said, covering his rudeness with a fake cough. "Oh.... right" Ellie said, pulling her face away, and looking at George, "Lets.. uh.. lets go" she added.

The three walked down and out of Hogwarts Castle, heading toward Hogsmeade.
"So where exactly are we going?" Ellie asked, George was leading them both down an odd path. "Just wait and see, it's gonna be wicked" George replied, smirking. Fred finally realized what his brother was doing, but didn't try to stop him.

They reached an unmarked house, the door hanging by one hinge. It wasn't the Shreiking Shack, though it slightly looked like the old shack. Ellie raised an eyebrow but followed Fred and George inside. "And we are here... because??" but Ellie recieved no answer. George led them up the stairs and into a cobweb filled library-room with chairs and a couch in the middle. When Fred and Ellie were inside, George slammed the door shut, being on the outside. "You guys have an hour.. if you don't come out as boyfriend and girlfriend i will give you h3ll!" George said, pushing a shelf against the door so they couldn't get out.

"Damn it George...." Ellie growled, looking around the room. She took off her robe and scarf, revealing her slim body. Fred stared at her from a far, or at least the other side of the room. She walked over to a cluster of books on the top shelf. She took out her wand, muttered "Mobilarbis[sp?]" and made a certain blue cover book come down to her. There were no words on the cover so she opened it, "Hmm, looks like a history book..." she muttered walking over to the couch and sitting down. Fred camed over and sat next to her, looking at the book from her right side.

She was just so close to him, a bit to close. Ellie looked over at him, and without thinking, Fred kissed her. When his lips hit hers she felt so many sparks, nothing she had ever felt with Seamus and her once wide eyes shut, dropping to book and placing her arms on his shoulders. Fred pulled away and they stared at each other. "I'm sorry.. i just..." Fred stuttered but was hushed by another kiss. "Don't be sorry..." Ellie whispered in between kissing him.

[Author's Note: Oh yeah.. i went there.... So once again if you want more, Comment!! And if there are any spelling fails... please tell me]

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