Joe Walker's Little Sister (A Starkid Story) CONSTRUCTION!

I should really stop starting all these stories..whatever! :D - her on like a Saturday night :3

Chapter 1


"Joe!" I exclaimed almost instantly, knowing my scream would alert my mum and probably anyone else in a 4 mile radius. I ran up to my older brother and hugged him, jumping into his large arms like I were a little child again.

"Amanda!" He replied enthusiastically, his voice making me grin. I'd always thought it was strange, maybe it was just the husky tone. But I suppose that without it, he couldn't have made all those characters so funny.

I could never take my brother seriously after seeing him as Voldemort, a Diick, and then a Drag Queen, Commander Up, and don't even get me started on Batman.

Joe set me down and looked at me, still grinning, "Still British, I see." I laughed, trying to stop my British accent this time, "Yeah, can't seem to drop it."

He laughed and then saw our mother, and he ran over to hug her just as enthusiastically. I always thought we took after our Dad, with the hair and eyes.

Then I noticed that Joe didn't come alone. His friend, Darren Criss, was standing in the doorway awkwardly with his suitcase. He obviously felt as if he were intruding.

"Darren!" I exclaimed in an excited voice that I hoped was welcoming and not creepy. I ran to hug him to, but didn't jump into his arms. Our hug was awkward, but still remained a hug. I looked up at him as I pulled back, smiling, "You're looking smart. Being gay on those telly shows really has done well for you."

Darren laughed, "England seems to be working well on you too, Amanda."

His hair wasn't an afro anymore, which I was disappointed about. I'd always loved that afro. Now it was cut and gelled back, and it brought out the smolder in his eyes.

I turned away quickly, feeling heat colour my cheeks. I didn't know why I was staring at him in the first place.

Joe was a bit taller than our mum, too. We hadn't seen him in about 7 months, since we lived in London, and he lived in Chicago, US. But for now, he and Darren were visiting, for 3 days I believe.

"How are you?" Darren asked me conversationally, which made me turn back around to him. He was picking up his suitcase again.

"Good!" I replied quickly, voice an octave higher than intended. I'd never had trouble talking to him before; conversation usually came easy to me with anyone.

Joe spoke up from behind us, as always, in awkward situations, "So, Amanda, when'd you get so big?"

"7 months ago." I rolled my eyes, turning to look at him. He laughed, casually strolling over to put a caring, strong hand on my shoulder. Was that a warning to stop talking to his friend? Most likely.

My mum went over to greet Darren, and I questioned Joe, "So where are you two staying in Chicago? House or flat?"

"A kind of manor, house, thingy." He shrugged, and I raised my eyebrows, "What's it like?" Joe was never a fan of big fancy houses.

"It's nice. I have pictures," he fumbled with his pocket and pulled out a camera. He winked at me as he deleted some of the images, "Now it's PG."

I scoffed, "I'm 19, Joe." I hated when he treated me like a child. But I didn't see him that much, so it didn't bother me that much.

"You don't look it." He teased, handing me the camera and picking up the suitcase. I put the camera strap around my wrist and then turned when my mum spoke.

"She sure does act it." My mum said sternly, turning around to face us. Both Joe and Darren whistled, "What'd she do?"

"Can we talk about it later? When Darren isn't here?" I whined, picking up Joe's other suitcase for a distraction. I tightened the camera band around my wrist and started up the stairs, hearing them walking behind me.

They were sharing one room, since it had a bunk bed. I'd painted it dark purple just last month, and I thought it looked nice, but that was just my opinion.

"So what have you been up to?" Darren asked me mischievously, starting to unpack his suitcase on the bottom bunk.

"I could ask you the same, gay boy." I challenged, raising and lowering my eyebrows. He rolled his eyes, "It's an act."

"Very, very convincing." I winked, and Joe spoke up, "Alright, alright, what'd you do?" he sounded like he was trying to make sure me and Darren didn't talk. Suspicious.

I shrugged slyly, "I just snuck out a couple of times." Darren and Joe exchanged glances, then jumped onto the bed, tilted their heads together, and said, "Annnddd?"
As if they were the best audience ever.

"I came home arseholed. So what?" I admitted sheepishly.

They both looked at me, "What?" I furrowed my eyebrows until I understood. I was using my London lingo. I cleared my throat and tried to think of a better word.

"I came home drunk." I tried, almost positive that was a word they'd surely understand. I needed a book about American lingo.

"Oooh." Joe said, standing up and cradling my red face in his hands. I stuck my tongue out at him as he said, "My baby sister is growing up."

I ducked out of his hands, "Get stuffed." I crossed my arms and leaned against the purple wall, "Bet you've done worse."

"But seriously, the last I saw you, you were all innocent." Darren told me as if to dismiss the subject of them doing worse. He stood to finish unpacking.

"She was never innocent. I swear she was demonic when she was 12." Joe said, stage shuddering for dramatic effect. I scoffed, "I was never that bad."

No one replied, and it was silent. I racked my brain for a conversation, but couldn't find a topic. Darren fixed it, however awkwardly.

"Can you, um, leave for a second? I wanna change." Darren asked me. I went redder, but recovered quickly and laughed, "Joe's staying in here? You're as straight as a bendy pen." I winked and ducked out of the room before one of them could think of a witty come back.

I strolled over to my room that was right across the hall and sighed, sauntering over to my laptop that was on the pretty and polished brown desk. I updated my Facebook status to Home with Brother and Darren. Yipee..

Joe and the other of his "Starkids" were careful to not say my name on any videos or plays. Just so I wouldn't get flocked with friend requests, or something. I even had to unfriend Joe and everyone else, and change my last name on Facebook. Those fans are obsessed.

I tossed the camera onto my bed and made a mental note to look at the Manor later. I couldn't imagine what kind of house my brother would live in. It was probably messy.

I logged off of Facebook and looked in the mirror. It was a full length mirror. I saw a girl staring back at me, with Joe's "dazzling" eyes and jawline, but other than that she looked pretty different. Her hair was yarn coloured, or hay coloured, or a kind of failed dirty blonde.

Then there was a knock at my door. "What?" I groaned, and Joe shouted, "Honey, I'm ho-ome!"

"You're my brother, it's creepy when you do that!" I groaned, slowly making my way to the door. But I really did miss Joe.

I opened the door and he was there, standing, grinning, palms under his chin. I laughed, "What?"

"Darren and I are going out for lunch. Mom wants to stay. You coming?" He looked innocent and like he really cared. Like he was a real brother. When we were little, he never invited me places with his friends.

"Aren't you tired?" I asked carefully. They did have to take a plane, car ride, and who knows how many fans they could have encountered.

"Nope. Come on!" He exclaimed, and I danced over to turn off my computer and ran off with him and Darren.

Sorry this is so short! But the next shall be longer! I usually give more thought to stories, but I dunno, I just HAD to write this! And starkid fans must watch:

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