Luke (From Percy Jackson) Love Story

heyy this is continued from my series and this first chapter will be the the last chapter 4 from the quiz (=

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

by: Meecie
after i saw about a tenth of the boat, i was already kinda creeped out but amazed and in awe. i told my hungry giant buddy to bring me to dinner and he could be done for now. "wow! this is beautiful!" i exclaimed. "just like you?" i herd a voice say from the other end of the table. i blushed. it was Luke. wow he's such a flirt i thought. but so sweet. "haha thanks but im not that pretty!" i said. "yeah you are but im not gonna fight over that. i saved you a seat over here. you wanna come sit down?" he asked. "umm sure i guess" i said as i walked over to the seat. it was right next to him. "yes pizza!" i mumbled to myself. "you told me you liked pizza so i hope its good. i herd you went on a tour?" he said. "well kinda, my guard over there seemed more interested in eating me then showing me around. but thats ok. it was amazing! i cant believe how gorgeous this boat is!" i exclaimed. "well of course! only the best for you and me!" he said. i'm starting to wonder...whats going through his head as there's this sudden jerk! BOOM! i feel like im moving. "where are we going?" i asked. "well we're just going to cruise around for a bit, is that ok?" he asks. "sure as long as im with you." i say without thinking. "oops sorry just kinda in a trance there!" "no problem," he says, "happens all the time." i wonder what hes thinking because his voice is getting lower and kinda creepy but so alluring at the same time. "hey do you like that room? if not i have this amazing cabin but you would have to share with me of course." he said hmm i know it...


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