Percy Jackson Love Story

this is continued from my series. the first chapter will be from the quiz chapter 4

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

by: Meecie
As we were walking to dinner, i noticed Percy had no weapon. If it was dangerous to be a half blood or whatchamacallit, then why doesnt he have a weapon? "Percy, i am wondering, should we all have weapons if its dangerous to be a.. umm.. half blood? i mean i dont see one on you..." i asked. "Oh! Mine is kinda special. its a pen yet a sword." he said as he took out a pen. i am kinda questionable but hey lets see thins thing transform. and BOOM! "oh my gods! it is a sword!" i said to myself. he must have herd me because he responded " well yep didnt think i was lying did you?" "umm.... OH COURSE NOT! when do i get a weapon?" i asked. "oh i forgot about that! here lets go get you one before dinner. we still have some time." he said. "ok thanks. what kinda weapon do i get a sword? a dagger? bow and arrows?" i asked eagerly. "well what kinda weapon do you want? well actually, what kinda weapon can you use?" he asked laughing. "hmmmmm... i dont know. can i try some out?" i ask. "well sure, why not?" he replied. "awesome!" i said as i hugged him. "oops! sorry" i quickly said as i backed away. "its no problem i don't care" he said with a wink. we both laughed. "well what are we waiting for?" he asked, breaking the stare we had. "well i don't know where they are so lead away Mr. Jackson!" i laughed. "right this way ma'am!" He replied. Once we got to a shed, yeah i know, a shed, i tried a bunch of stuff. I seemed to work best with this dagger that i guess a goddess used... strange but so cool. We stated off to the dining pavilion. all the sudden, i started glowing... "what the heck?" i said. "my gods! your getting claimed! we figured you were claimed when you were younger but i guess not... Wow! your her daughter... ummm i think you should meet Annabeth." he quickly said. "who's that?" i asked. "well, i guess that's your sister now! guess your not bunking in Hermes cabin. that's a good thing. Dang it we're late!" he yelled as he sped up to get food.


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