Dancing in the Dark (A Niall Horan wear wolf love story.)

This is my first story, and I couldn't help but to include the one and only, Niall Horan, because I am kinda in love with him. (: This story will also be on quizilla. I may take it off of here and just leave it there. Still haven't decided. :] My quizilla name is RunningTowardsFire. This story includes everyone from the AMAZING boy band, One Direction. :D

Chapter 1

Dancing in the Dark }chapter 1}

"Run baby run, faster than a bullet.." Elena hummed the song that was stuck in her head that day while cleaning up a discarded table, only to find a dollar bill as her tip.
"Joyous." she frowned as she calculated the money she had made in the past week in her mind.
'So it rounds to forty-one bucks in tips, and my paycheck is one hundred and fifty seven..' Elena continued her count in her head. She was still short two hundred dollars for her trip to Dublin with Shay and Hailey. The trip was only two weeks away.
If she were lucky, she just may make the amount in this next week. Her thoughts of Ireland were revoked when she heard the bouncing chime of the door to the restaurant opened.
"We're closed." She stated, slight irritation shone through her voice.
"Well, are you sure? We only wanted a cup of coffee, and than we'll be out of here." One of them said in a thick Irish accent. Finally she turned to see the persistent customers. One had curly brown hair and blue eyes, with obvious muscles bulking the sleeves in his striped black and white wool sweater. Odd, it's the middle of July.
The second had slightly messy styled blonde-brown hair, and deep blue eyes. Almost the color of the sky on a perfect day, she thought. He had a slight tan to his bare arms. He wore a loose white stylish tank top and blue khaki shorts. His body had a lean touch to it.
And he was perhaps the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.
"L-let me go get the coffee for ya. Have a seat." Elena chocked on her words. Staring into his eyes reminded her when she had gone to the beach when she was seven, and she threw a temper tantrum when her mom said it was time to leave. She loved staring into the ocean-blue. This moment was just like that. She didn't want to leave.
She stumbled into the kitchen, telling the cook, Earl, that he could leave. The last customers only wanted coffee. She quickly turned on the stove and began preparing the coffee.
About five minutes later, she hustled out of the kitchen caring two mugs and the coffee pot.
She set the mugs down, but not before catching a bit of their conversation.
"I can't deal with that blood sucking leech. I want him OUT." The brown haired boy, about Elena's age practically snarled the last word, showing shiny white teeth. He straitened up and put on a forced smile as he saw Elena stalk towards them.
"Here you are." She poured the coffee into the mugs. "Can I get you anything? Sugar? Milk?"
"No, thanks." The Irish boy said, and turned toward the other boy, continuing his conversation. "You're no better, Harry."
So that was the brown eyed boy's name. If only she could find out the other's.
"Listen, Niall. He's no good, and he won't change." Elena was glad that she slowed her pace when she heard 'Niall' start talking.
She returned to the kitchen, staring at the clock waiting for seven minutes to pass so she could go give them their check.
When she returned they seemed fairly distressed, as if they had just had an argument.
"Here's your...check." She was shocked when Niall touched her hand while gently pulling the check book away from her hand. She felt heat leap straight through his hand, seeping into her blood, straight down into her bones.
"Sorry." He hesitantly dropped his hand to his side. His accent reminded her of her plans for Dublin. All while he did this, his eyes never left her's. He was.. analyzing her, Elena realized.
And then, with no warning he got up, filled out the check, payed in cash, and started writing on a napkin and put the tip money under there, and simply.. left, dragging a confused Harry behind him.
Elena looked down at the napkin.
This should be enough for your trip.
See you soon.
She lifted the napkin, and looked down to find five hundred dollar bills, aligned neatly atop each other. She couldn't take this money.
She quickly ran outside and searched for the boys.
They had already left.

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