MVBF: She Doesn't Even Remember Who I Am

What's worse than fighting a giant octopus, killing a massive sea serpent, and wrestling a huge gang of vampires? Not remembering any of it. What's the worst of all? She doesn't even remember me, her boyfriend.

This will be in the point of view of Sam because Sheila lost her memory and it will be insane! If you haven't read every chapter of My Vampire Boyfriend you won't get this. So go get your read on!!

Chapter 1

Sheila Please Remember!!

I sat in a chair next to the hospital bed after everybody else had left, "Sheila! Please!! Remember!!" Sheila looked at me with a sad sort of look "Sorry, but I can't. I feel like there's something missing, where are my parents?" I looked at the floor, "They just left! Sheila please, I need you" I let a single tear fall "I don't wanna let go!!" I looked up into Sheila's eyes, and still saw no light no sparkle like before what happened. I walked out of the hospital room. I began to run, I ran all the way to the cemetery, to a hole. I climbed down the hole. "I'm here to see my brother!" I said to the guard vampire. The guard had let me through. I had to fight the rest of my way through. I finally got to Tim and pushed him off his high horse. Literally.........he was posing for a painting.............and for some reason he was naked! "Put your damn clothes on!! We need to talk!"

When Tim got his clothes on we talked. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO SHEILA?" Tim smiled, he's such an evil bastard. "Brother," he started in a false brotherly tone "I did this for your own good, don't try to get her back, she won't want you!" I was holding back tears at this point, "YOU BASTARD! Give her back her memory!" I yelled. Tim laughed, "Don't you see she doesn't want to remember!" I stared at him, knowing he could read my mind if I let him. "You little jerk" I thought "Stop playing your stupid mind games!" Tim grabbed my wrist, "Little brother!". I punched him in the face, "You're no longer family to me!" Tim laughed as he coughed up blood. "Guards get him!" as the guards tackled me I heard Alia yelling "BONZAII!!!!!" Alia flew in on a rope and kicked a guard in the face, "Don't f^ck with our family!" Josh came running in "I thought I was gonna be swinging in on the rope!" Alia laughed as Lily, Destiny, Dominique, Meril, and Spencer ran in. "I changed my mind" she said, with a smile. just then a vampire was running at Alia's side "Meril toss me a stake!" Destiny whispered. She grabbed the stake and tossed it to Alia. Alia stabbed as many vampires as she could. Everybody else grabbed wooden crosses, holly water, and stake launchers. They all ran at the vampire guards. Eventually there was nothing but dust, the group of Sheila's friends, and me and Tim. "That was fun!" Alia said as she dropped the stake. We all ran out of the vampire lair and to the surface of the cemetery, leaving Tim in awe.

"How did you guys know I was gonna be here?" Josh laughed, "Dude you're my best friend, I know you inside and out!" I smiled, "Is Sheila alright?" Alia sighed, "She still doesn't remember anything, I've gotten her journal maybe it will help her remember" Lily shouted "LET'S GET TO THE HOSPITAL!!!" the rest of us stared at her, "I like blood" she said in a funny sort of way. We laughed as we walked to the hospital.

I was the first to walk into the hospital room the I.V needle wasn't in Sheila's are. "Sam!" she said all excited. I fell into her arms and broke down. "Sam" Sheila laughed, "Listen, this stuff-" she pointed to the I.V "isn't blood, it's way too dark, what it really is is-" just then all the doctors stormed in "You guys have to get outta here!" the doctor said pushing me and the others out, I watched from the doorway. I was terrified as they stuck the I.V back into Sheila's arm. When the doctors left I walked back in. "Sheila..." I said with open arms. The confused look was back "Who are you" Josh, Alia, and the whole lot of the backed up and covered their ears. "F^CK!!! SHE REMEMBERED FOR 10 DAMN SECONDS WHAT HAPPENED!!!" Alia dropped the journal on a chair and they dragged me out of the hospital room in tears.

We sat in the library. "I just don't understand! She remembered me, the doctors came in and when they left she had forgotten" I broke down again. Lily spoke up, "Sheila was right! What she said, that stuff in the I.V it wasn't blood, it was way too dark. It looked a little purple to me!" I looked up "So what is it?" Alia smiled "My guess is it's whatever's making her lose her memory!" Meril stood up off of Spencer's lap, "So, what do we do now?" Destiny sighed "Break into the hospital!" Dominique shook her head "Why do we have to break in?" Josh turned to Dominique "Because the 'doctors' probably have the place video taped so me and Sam break in, they can't catch us on camera, and take the I.V out of her." I stood up "Alia, you'll be look out, Lily you bring anything we might need if the vampires invade, Meril you give us any information oh how to remove an I.V, Destiny and Dominique you two will have to hide Sheila somewhere after we get her. But we can't do it tomorrow night, they'll be expecting that, we gotta lay low!"

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