My Crappy Life

I'm going to use this for my problems. If you have advice, great, but you don't have to respond; just read.

Chapter 1


Jayla. When I hear that name I think of torcure(sp). Destini. When I hear that name, I think of a sidekick. Jayla and Destini. When I hear those names together, I think I wanna kill myself. What they do isn't that bad and you'd think I'm over-reacting. Its hard for me to control my temper, you see. Since the beginning of last year, Jayla has called me Lizerina. I hate it and I've asked her repeatedly to stop calling me that stupid name! "Ok Lizerina!" she'll say after I ask her to quit. "Hey Lizerina! Hahahahah!" Destini will say in her squeaky voice. They won't stop it. I need them to stop before I really loose my temper. "Hey Lizerina! Take your hair down for once!" I always wear my hair in my ponytail. "No I want it up," I say simply. That was the wrong thing to say. She attacked me, trying to take my hair down. I don't want to be a tattle tail but I need them to stop.

"You're too different!" the other kids will taunt. I used to come home, lock myself in my room, and start crying. I used to try so hard to fit in. I would get a friend and then they'd just join the taunting. Now, I don't really care what people say. It still bothers me so much. Sometimes during school, they kids would make me break down in the middle of class. I have two true friends. A guy and a girl. I can tell them anything. I'm glad I have them now. People just don't understand what its like to be in my shoes. I wish people could understand me for once.

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