Statistics about Quibblo.

Chapter 1

read or gtfo

Those are just some statistics about Quibblo.Don't enjoy.

1. Quibblo(user) atm has 585,004 friends, which is the total amount of registered users BUT if we use the search options and choose a gender we'll get 87,461 guys and 260,374 girls.So question is where are the rest of users?idk about you but this is weird...maybe they deleted?idk...

2. Quibblo was founded on January 08 2007

3. 44,280 daily views

4. hosted in San Diego

5. makes around 100$/day

6. on
1 apr 2007
1 apr 2008
4 apr 2009
say thanks for how it is now lol

7. Popularity is under very uberly low so nothing about that ;P

8. Sites rated virus free everywhere but the ads and pop-ups on it arent

9. Last one is one of the MANY bugs that quibblo has but think that its notable enough, anyways if the results in a quiz are a DRAW as in in u picked 3 right and 3 wrong then the result is randomly chosen.Need proof?do ur own personality quiz and make results a draw, take the quiz till the results and then refresh the page, voila different result.

And thats it folks, all of those were gathered using search option and other statistic sites.Thanks for reading and fvck urself ^_^


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