Someone In The Throne

This story can get passed to anyone who you think is a great writer. hope it turns out good!

Chapter 1

The King Gets Killed???

by: Meecie
Once upon a time, there was a loney Prince. He had thought he had found his true love, a slave girl from the town, so he proposed. Only did he know this girl was a spy. she found every single flaw in each and every person, she used it as random when needed. She even know little secrets about Mr. Perfection. Every girl was in love with The Prince since he was soo handsome but little did anyone know, he was a rude, selfish, ruler. The Spy knew this about him. She said yes but only with plans of murder and marriage. She would kill the Prince after a year of Marriage and obeying him then she would marry the man she thought would be a suitable King. She said yes to the proposal at a ball the king threw. She also knew, the prince planned on killing everyone possible for the throne in his family if he died. The King, Queen, an his brother and sister would all die once he married. The Wedding was gigantic an romantic. The Spy couldnt help but be amazed at the beauty. They were married and the day after, everyone in the town herd of a terrible tragity! The old King, Queen, and their children were all killed in an explosion of the castle! The new king and queen just happened to be of on there honeymoon on an island not far from town. The Spy's name was now Queen Faress Perfection. Her new husband, King Jokel Perfection, was soo upset due to the loss of his dear family... or so everyone thought except Faress

Hope you guys liked my part! i will write more of this story if someone sends it back to me but i hope its continued plenty by many other great writers!


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