If you read my stories, you really need to read this!

Chapter 1

Please Read

Ok, so next week my mom is swapping internet servers and phones. I don't know how long I'll be without internet while we wait for the new internet thing to get here for my laptop which, on the bad side, means I won't be able to post stories but I can still write just not post. But the good news, I'll have a phone with internet which means I ''might'' be able to access Quibblo through the new phone and answer emails. I'm not sure yet.

But, I plan to update a few stories when I get the internet back and those stories include:

A World Behind My Wall (A Bill Kaulitz fanfic)

The Mortician's Daughter

Country Queen Meets Rock King

The Crow & The Butterfly (Underage Sequel)

And possibly a whole new story that I've been thinking of!

The new story will be like Underage & Out Of Control. It won't be fantasy, supernatural or anything like that. Just 'teen-fiction' I guess you would call it. I'm going to use name of ''actual'' people in my life and events from my life but some of it will be made-up.

Character names include & some are made up names (subject to change at any given moment) :








Johnathan (Buck)

Beaman (Bea)




That's only some of the names. I have yet to complete the list or write the story. It's only a plan so it may or may not actually be wrote.

So I'll post for you guys when the new internet gets here!

Love each and every one of you!


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