Twins x2 (Weasley Twins Love Story)

This is a group story I'm doing with fredandgeorgeluvr. You'll find out everything you need to know in the story. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to comment, rate, favorite and whatnot.

Chapter 3


A/N The title are lyrics from a Pink Floyd. Its called Wish You Were Here. Just so you know. And we said that our dad was James's brother, well he's banned from Lindsey to use magic too. I just thought about that so yeah. Hope you enjoy!

"Where have you been?!" Mrs. Weasley shouted when me, Lexi, Fred, George, Ron, and Harry got to the Burrow. "Beds empty! No note! Of course I don't blame you dears," she said sweetly, gesturing to me, my twin and Harry. Lexi faked yawned and said, "I'm tired, I think I'm going to go to bed." I was thinking she wanted to get out of the room. "Me too, " Harry and I said. Lexi and I got Charlie's old room and Harry shared(he didn't sle.ep with Ron. That'd just be awkward XD) a room with Ron. A few minuets later, we heard the footstep's of Fred, George, and Ron. "Hey Lexi!" I said loud enough for them to hear. "What do you bet happened to them?" I winked at her. She smiled and responded, "Oh probably they won't be allowed to go to Hogwarts. But if they do, Ron can't talk to Harry and the twins can't play Quidditch." We had a fit of giggles. Now they were standing in the doorway, glaring at us. "Oh you heard that? Sarah, looks like we've been caught," Lexi said sarcastically, with fake worry in her voice. "Oh no! I wonder what they'll do to us?" I said with just as much sarcasism(sp) in my voice. We looked at each other. 'WE'RE JUST TWO LOST SOULS SWIMMING IN A FISH BOWL!" we bellow. "What the bloody hell--" Ron started. "Ron, you know us. And you know that we will say the randomest things at the randomest of times," I said as if it was so obvious. "What do you want," Lexi said at last. "You're supposed to come downstairs," George said. Lexi and I exchanged looks. Time to be evil! "No!" we exclaimed at the same time. We locked arms and we sat down on one of the beds. "Not until you tell us which one of us is which," I said. "Yeah, we kinda forgot," said Lexi. We ususally have highlights in our hair for people to tell the difference(mines purple; Lexi's red) but not today. "Come on Lexi," George said to Lexi. "She's not Lexi, I am!" I yelled. "Are you really going to try and pull that on us?" Fred asked. "You're Sarah," he gesgured(sp) me, "And your Lexi." "Prove it! I bet you can't," I challenged. "Lexi, do you wanna go to Hogsmeade with me when we get to Hogwarts?" Fred asked, looking at both of us. "Ok!" she exclaimed. "And you're Lexi," George concluded. "Lexi, you idiot!" I yelled at her. "Sorry," she mumbled. "Come on," said Ron. "What?" Lexi and I said. He just glared at us. We smiled and went downstairs with the twins and Ron. "Harry!" Lexi and I exclaimed when we saw Harry. We flung our arms around him, giving him a giant bear hug. "Would you two like to meet him?" one of the twins asked. We released Harry. "Oh shut up," we both said.

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