Twins x2 (Weasley Twins Love Story)

This is a group story I'm doing with fredandgeorgeluvr. You'll find out everything you need to know in the story. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to comment, rate, favorite and whatnot.

Chapter 2

Chpt 2 (Lexi's POV)

"Fred,Ron-" I started
"George!" Sarah finished
"Hey" The three of them said
"Do you have a plan from here?" I asked
"Nope,not really." George said
"And Fred can drive?" Sarah asked
"No,now stop asking questions." Ron said
"Alright." I said
"Now just to break this window...." Fred said
"If we can do it fast i have an idea."I said
Sarah stared at me.
George nodded.
I took the lamp on the desk and smacked it against the window.It shattered.Sarah grabbed Twix and I grabbed our pre-packed bags.We jumped in the car just as soon Lindsey stormed into the room.
"What are you two doing at this early in the morning?!" She yelled
She saw us in the car.
"You-two-get-back-in-here-RIGHT-NOW!" She yelled
We shook our heads and we drove off.
"One more stop." Ron said
"Where?" Sarah asked
"We're picking up Harry." Fred said
Sarah and I smiled.
A few minutes later cuz i didnt know how to explain how all 6 of them fitted in the car XD
We quietly walked into the Burrow.Obviously not quietly enough.
"Fred George!" Mrs.Weasley yelled
Ron appeared from behind us.
"Ron!" Mrs.Weasley yelled
I fake yawned.
"Im tired,i think im going to go to bed." I said
"Me too" Harry and Sarah said together
"Alright dears." She said
The three of us walked upstairs.
Sarah and I slept in Charlie's old room and Harry slept with Ron (I mean he slept in Ron's room.)A few minutes later we heard the footstep's of Fred,George and Ron.

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