Emo love story

Hey my name is alina I have the prettest light blue ocean eyes I have dark chocolate hair I used to be best friends with tori untili moved to florida im back im going to hollywood arts I begged my dad and I got in for my dancing and singing nobody knows I can sing im sorta shy about it im a sorta badgirl im rich to soo yeaa

Chapter 1


I walked into hollywood arts smiling I knew tori lived here and trina I looked at her at her locker I brushed out my dark chocolate brown hair with bloody red tips I walked over to her "tori?" I asked "yeah who r u" she said "im offended u dont remember ur bestest friend since u were 3" I said "OMG NO WAY ALINA?" she said "in the flesh" I said smiling she hugged me I hugged back "omg how long u visiting" she said "I live here" I said smiling she smiled back i slipped off my hoodie my black strapless top shower it showed all my stomach I got a stomavh peircing I had on some black skinny jeans I had on my new boots my hair had a awesome black highlight it showed showed I smiled "nice still wearing the same clothes" she said "and im loving it" "here ill show u to class" she said I nodded and we walked to some dudes class called sikowetz I chuckled I walked in on class "sup sikowetz" I said smiling he looked at me "why dont u join class" he said I sat watching "when can I leave im hungry" I said he threw a apple at me I caught it and ate it "thanks sikowitz" I said soon class ended I stood up and left I went and decorated my locker some girl named jade walked uo "hey u" she said "nice of u to copy my style" she said I turned "nah I wear it better thats the diffrence betweem u and me" I said smiling she glared then I noticed someone behind her I poked my head around "hi" I said "uh hi" he said jade glared at me I put my stuff in my locker and walked off

Beck's POV she was soo hot and she told jade off jade had dumped me today and started dating some other guy but I think I found my new girlfriend

Alina's POV I walked with tori she was having a study group "so tori do u know how I got in hollywood arts" I said she shook her head I smiled "come to my house tommrow" I said she nodded we walked into her house I saw jade there I waved she glared "what did I do" I whispered to tori she shrugged she introduced me to robbie rex cat beck andrian (sorry if I got the name wrong) "hey tori can we make it today I gotta get my baby tommrow" I said she nodded I sat down and studied trina came down "hey trina" I said "ali?" I nodded she hugged me and I hugged back "how ya been?" "fine" she says I nod and sit back down "hey ali ur phones ringing" cat said I atood and anwsered it I walked outside "hey" I said it was my best friend from florida she said my bf was making out with brooke ugh I hage her I called him and dumped him flat "come on babe plz" he said "I dont date cheaters" I said and hung up on him I walked in "tori can we go to ur room" I said she nodded as soon as she shut the door I cried "whats wrong?" She said "my bf cheated on me my best friend told me and sent a picture of him and her in bed" I said "ohh ali" tori said "i shoulda knew it by the way he looked at her we were together for 3 years" I say she calms me down I called my dad and told him I was sleeping over at tori's I fixed my makeup and stood up we walked down I walked to mu house grabbed my stuff and my guitar with my ballet shoes I smiled and walked back I saw everyone there they stared at me "um sorry" I said looking down I put my guitar upstairs I grabbed my ballet shoes and clothes I put it on and put my hair in a messy bun with two of my hair strings down I put on cher u havent seen the last of me I did contempoary ballet I didnt notice the door open I kept dancing soon tori adrian beck jade rex robbie cat and trina stood in the doorway I kept dancing I fliped back my gmynest skills took over I danced I focused on contempoary I flipped and landed in a split I flipped up dancing I ended it with a beautoful ballet move I dreamed the crowd was cheering I smiled and opened my eyes "uh sorry I interrupted ur studying?" I said smiling nerviously "now I see why ur in hollywood arts" tori said smiling I smiled back "im also in their for their for another reason" I said looking down "wow we care why?" Jade said I looked down "jade I wanted to say sorry about eariler" I said smiling my sweetest smile which melts anyone she smiled back "well why dont u show us now" "im shy but I can try" I say smiling I sigh thinking of the song I just wrote I turned around I started singing before he cheats I kept singing looking down I turned around still looking down my anger came back from remembering my bf I looked up singing and sung with my anger and remembering him I smiled at tori as she looked at me shocked I looked down "was I that bad?" I said looking down shy "no u were awesome I didnt know u sung" tori said I blushed looking down "why r u looking down" trina said "cuz I told u im shy" I said I sit down I stand up I grab my stuff "i got to go I forgot my dad cant cook" I said I ran out the door flipping over the couch I ran to my house and started cooking I smiled "hey daddy" I said he kissed my cheek "hey honey" he said "how was the job" I said smiling "it was great" he said I set my plate down soon tori and the girls came over I smiled "hey I was just about to call u" I say with my ballet clothes on she smiles I walk to our huge garage "omg I gotta show u guys something" I said they nodded I slip on a new black tight strapless top that shows all of my stomach I put on fishnets and my new short shorts it was tore I slipped on my boots I put on my new fingerlass gloves I grabbed my glasses and some dance clothes I walked downstairs "nice outfit" jade said I nodded "thanks jade" I said we walked to the garage I flipped on the light they gasped "what" I said "u have alot of cars" cat said I smile "this is mothing compared to my babehs" I say smiling I walk over to my 20 cars they looked at me I smile "cat choose a car" I say smiling she chooses my yellow lamborgini i jump in I open the door they get in I put on my shades I pushed a button I smile "tori drive the car we r picking up the guys" I said I smile at trina I get into my cherry red camero It had suicide doors we pulled out and drove over to toris house they came out and stared at the cars I smile hey guys I throw beck the keys "ur driving my baby be careful shes special" I say smiling I get in I put on my sunglasses "follow me" I say I speed off I do a cool u turn I laugh at the guys faces they follow me to a recording studio I walk in the secratary stares "can I see my stepmom" I say she smiles and nods "come on" I cat walk to a studio I walk in and smile "UR STEPMOM IS BEYONCE!!" andre said I nod I wave to her and sit listening and waiting "what happened to shakira" tori says "oh she got divorced affair alert" I say the guys stare at me "what?" "ur real mom is shakra" robbie says I nod "tori knows im rich" I said she nods my stepmom comes out "hey mom" I say "hey ali" she says "i want u to meet my friends" I say smiling "hey" she says we talk for a bit then leave "thanks candy" I say walking out "we taking the camero" I say dancing over to it sorta hyper I get in I put my shades on we drive to a dance studio daddy bought me "how u guys like my studio" I say they stare I throw them drinks "tori u never told us about her" andre says "well she moved" tori said I smiled "when summer break comes Im taking u all to floridaaa!!" I say they nod summer break was like three weeks away we go to bed after driving home I wake up early I put on my one shoulder black top and my short shorts with my fiahnet and hightops I smiled and brushed my hair I walked to the airport soon I got to see my nice black motorcycle it had blue flames on it it really was awesome I hopped on and rode to school I pulled up and got off I walked in I smiled at tori I dragged her and mu new friends out I showed them my baby they looked at it I stroked it "my baby is special to me for a reason ill show u later" I said we went to class soon it was lunch time I snuck out school and got taco bell I got back and sat next to tori nomming on my taco they strpared at me as the day was over I hopped on my motorcycle and drove off soon flames came out they stared as I rode to my house >> 3 weeks later I ran outta school I hopped in my mustang I drove home and started packing I picked them up I put in the newest lady gaga cd it hasnt even been released "how do u got that cd no stores have it its onky on comercials" trina says "i got connections plus ik her" I said I sped down to the airport we got their we got on a private jet I smiled "this is my private jet" it was black with a tiger on it I smiled as they stared at me we got in I stood up as we took off I put in a dance cd I danced humming "guys theirs a xbox360 in the back with the cod black ops cd" I said "ITS NOT EVEN OUT" beck yelled "as I said I got connections" I said I kept dancing as they ran back their soon we landed I got off with a biknni under my short shorts and black tight spaghetti strap tqnk top and some hightops I put my hair in a pony tail we went to the mansion and unpacked I grabbed my surf board and ran out dragging the girls with me the guys came to I took off my shorts top and hightops

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