Justin Beaver & The Electric Chair

Chapter 1

Justin Beaver & The Electric Chair

One day, some total weirdo decided to see if celebrities were as honest as they said they were. So he took 5 celebrities and decided to place each one of them in an electric lying chair. He would ask them a question and if they lied, they would be electrocuted.

So, he asked Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, P.Diddy, Eminem and Justin Bieber to each take turns in the chair (of course it was all performed on national television). First, he asked P.Diddy to sit in the chair. So the Puff Daddy himself sat in the chair, with his shades, looking constipated. The total weirdo asked him "you've never masturbated to photos of Megan Fox, have you?"
"Of course not!" P.Diddy said and with that, he was zapped dead instantly.

While the corpse of P.Diddy was being removed from the chair, the weirdo said "oh dear, it looks like I'll never wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy again.."
After P.Diddy was carried away to be cemented to a horde of cheering anti-fans, the total weirdo asked teen idol Justin Bieber to sit in the chair. The Beaver was slightly worried cause of what he had seen happen to P.Diddy, but he swallowed his fear and sat in the chair.
"So," started the total weirdo "just what is your favorite species of beaver?"
"Well" began Justin Bieber, looking thoughtful "I think-" and with that, he was cruelly electrocuted and died.



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