~Deadly Violet Eyes~

This is a story by me,GrPsweet and Tiffany_29! So enjoy reading it, tell us what you think in comments. An invitation will be send every time a new chapter is added. The chapters might take some time cause it's difficult enough writting alone and we are three, plus our other activities and coughholidayscough. XD Hope you like it cause we worked really hard and it took us days to come to this point. Love ya all! :D


Chapter 1

The change...

by: Earia
Eleanor walked down the street her chestnut usually curly hair tangled by the wind. She had straightened them for the occasion, but she would have to redo it. Today was her birthday. Twenty-five at last! Right now she was going to her office to settle down a few more things for tomorrow before the party, which was also an important day.

Tomorrow her office would open for the first time, a dream finally coming true after a long time of hard work. Eleanor was a psycologist. Anyone who knew her just looked her in the eyes, those beautiful grey-blue eyes, and told her everything. The greatest part was that Eleanor understood them. She was a good listener and a good advisor, basically perfect for the job.

She was almost there when her phone rang. A number she didn't recognise.

"Hello?", she said politely

"Eleanor Blackwood?" A male voice asked her from the end of the line.

"Yup this is me! Who is this?", she asked cheerfully.

" Shankar. Nice to meet you. If I'm not mistaken you are a psycologist?", the man was nervous.

"Yes, how can I help you?". My first patient, Eleanor thought happily.

"I can't speak to you from the phone. When can I come to your office?", Shankar asked eagerly.

"Um...Tomorrow at ten would be nice. I'll send you the adress with an sms." She wanted to sound professional, busy and not over-excited but she wasn't she wasn't sure if she did.

"Okay then. See you tomorrow miss. Blackwood. Thank you for your time.". Before she could answer he hung up.

Glenda was waiting for her at home. As soon as Eleanor entered her house she jumped infrond of her and hugged her tightly. Glenda was her BFF since first grade. Eleanor had stand up for her when they were little against the bully of the class. From that day on they went together everywhere and shared everything.

Glenda stepped back and looked at her disapprovingly.

"Where you? Now we have to get you ready in less than an hour instead of two that I had in mind!" and with that she took her by the hand and dragged her upstairs.

After they were done Eleanor wore a light blue cute dress that matched her eys while her straight-for-now hair was loosened on her shoulders. Light make up and fabulous shoes and she was ready. Gelda beside her wore her blood red dress, which she bought yesterday her jet-black hair loosened as well. She looked at Eleanor with her hazel eyes and winked.

"Let's get this party started!", she said.

"It's show time!", Eleanor answered and they both went to the living room excited.

People had already gathered there and the music was loud enough to wake up the dead. Her small, cute house looked like a club with multi-colour lights, disco ball and dance floor. The DJ played the latest hits and everyone danced wildely. The first who came to wish her was Seth. Glenda's brother he was Eleanor's other best friend. Seth was her twin brother and their only diffrence was their eyes. Seth's eyes looked like melted-gold. Well that and Seth's curls! Many followed and as time past they had more and more fun.

At 9:59 the cake came out and they sang. The clock stracked 10-her birth hour-and Eleanor was ready to blow out the candles when Glenda let the cake fall onto the floor bringing a hand over her mouth. Then everything was a blur. People screaming running around as if the house was on fire, eyes wide.

She had no idea what was wrong, she just stared at them with awe.

"El your eyes!", Glenda managed to whisper giving her small mirror that she always had in her bag.

Eleanor looked. Her jaw dropped open as she saw two deep violet eyes looking back at her instead of her usual grey-blue and she screamed too as a wave of cold chills passed her body...

(: All the names mean something so if you want to know what all you have to do is tell us. Hope you like it! Love ya all! ~xoxoxo~ :)

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