Ellie Wood must die.

This is for a story contest by IceCreamAndSprinkles and Awena_Evenstar. Its kinda a mystery/fantasy and yes, all the ideas are mine, characters ect. No copyright. Please enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: In which Ellie learns her possible future and nearly falls of a chair.

Well, how do I start? I'm not that good at telling stories so 'Once upon a Time' won't do. What about, 'Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense.'. Nope. That once sounds used and very familiar too...

How about, Hello! I'm Ellie Wood and guess what? Someone's out to kill me! Now before you go high with frustration and smash your computer screens I should tell you what happened. Note. For all the people who have already done that and raced onto another compute to read this, R.I.P your faithful computers.

'Bestowed children' are the descendants of elves. No, not like the little things that dress in green that you are probably use to but the tall, war-bread ones that like to kill and have a life-expectancy of about 3500 years. Elves have special powers. Supernatural talents that are used to manipulate and kill. When the elves first crossed the sea's and landed on Sofa, they had no idea what they where expecting. They where very powerful creatures so when they saw he poor conditions that humans where living in they decided to help. Well bad for them that the humans weren't exactly something to pity and attempted, failing miserably, to slaughter the strange creatures with pointed ears.And so a war begun. The elves where losing numbers rapidly as the humans snuck up upon them when they where asleep and killed them that way. It was a very gruesome war and would of gotten worst if the Human King, Fabian, didn't offer his beautiful sister, the Princess Thea to the lord of Elves. The lord of Elves accepted the offer but little did he know that Thea who was about 1400 years younger than him was in fact, in love with his brother. Now elves are calm and collected so when Fabian found out he did not go spaz and start killing people, instead, he lived up to his title for being Just and let them marry. Together Thea and Orion, Fabian's brother, had 12 children. Only one of them was a boy. All of their children had powers too, like there father and so this is how it all started. Now I know this story is messed up but so are you and probably a lot of history stories.After they where married, all of the Elves except for Orion left. They never came back as far as anybody knew. No one knows where the elves live and if they did they would never be able to face what the elves did at sea.

In Sofia, all of the bestowed go to the normal school with all of the normal children. Why? Because lately their has been a lot of attacks near all of the surrounding villages. Children have been taken from all of the houses and tested if they had been bestowed. About 3 or 4 where taken. The current King, the Lord Louis had decided that the endowed students should be taken from their schools and mixed with the normal ones. In any sort of case we weren't allowed to tell anyone if we knew someone was bestowed and if someone was bestowed, they weren't allowed to tell anyone.

Samuel Alexander Banks is my best friend and one of the bestowed. I'm normal though. Sam and I live next do to each other so I knew he was bestowed even before the royal court did. of course, they made me promise on a code of conduct, to never tell anyone about Sam. He was my best friend so why would I? Sam can talk to people in photographs. Its actually pretty cool. Once I caught him having a chat with his grandmother. It was awkward but highly entertaining.

So well the story actually starts when we were on the way home from school. We being Sam and I. It was pretty cold day so everybody was in sweaters and scarves and boots. The sky was gray and it looked as though it was about to rain.

"Sam, hurry up before it starts to pour down!" I said to my friend who was happily dwardaling, eating the chocolate that i gave him in exchange for a day's worth of work I had missed out on for being sick yesterday.

"Ellie, you walk too fast." he said with a big cheesy grin on his face. We where all alone in a deserted land that smelled suspiciously of I-don't-know-what but it was suspicious.

"Hurry up Samuel otherwise i'll tell everyone about you talking to your grandmother in the photograph about what types of underwear guys used to wear back then...it's really weird and why on Sofia would you even want to know!" I said.

Sam started going red but the smiled. Again. "Ells, If you tell then you've broken the law remember?"

"Shut it Banks, oh no...it's starting to rain!" I groaned and just as I finished the sentence, as if one cue, rain started pouring down really heavily. "Come on Sam!" I said then I grabbed a hold of his jacket and ran to the nearest building which, to our luck, was the local bar.

"Um...Wood, i don't know about you but I am not going in there!" said Sam putting emphasis on the 'not.' Sam and I had taken of on calling each other by our last names since we where to lazy to say the others first.

"What Sammy, are you scared?" I asked with a big grin on my face. Two kids, one a girl with honey-blonde hair and the other a boy who looked about 15 standing outside on the verandah one of the most dangerous places in all of Sofia and one of them eating chocolate. Wow. That must have been a weird sight.

"No!" snapped Sam. "Are you? After all, your only a little 14 year old girl..." WHACK! "Ow!" Sammy protested."I was only kidding!"

"Shut up Samuel and go inside. By the way, i'm 15 in exactly 2 days, 19 hours, 56 minutes and 47 seconds." Sam looked at me like I was a psychopath.

"Sure you are..."

When we entered the bar, all eyes turned on us.I gulped. Then everything went back to normal. It smelled like drunk people and sick. It was highly disgusting. A number of animal's heads where hung up upon the far wall and to the left us was a ban behind a counter polishing glasses. Their where tables randomly scattered everywhere and all sorts of weird looking people seated at them. One table was crowded by a group of people all listening to a man. The man had an eye patch on one of his bright blue eyes. He had a scar down one of his cheeks and was carrying a large double-bladed sword. The man was lively and bubbly, apparently telling stories about something. When he caught sight of us making our way to him, both him and Sam gasped.

"Bill?" Sam said in surprise. I noticed that he either had hid the chocolate behind his back or thrown it away.

"Samuel Banks? Its been 4 years since I last saw you mate!" said Bill with a big smile. "Make a path people I need to talk to this kid!". People started parting in the middle and we made our way to the table. We both pulled out a chair and sat down. Let me tell you something. I felt A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

"Um Hello." I said nervously. Sam and I slid our bags of and put them near the legs of our chairs.People around the table had started to depart.

"Well Hello missy,i'm Billiam Range and-"

"Billiam? What kind of name is Billiam?" I blurted out. Sam hit himself on the forehead but Bill just laughed.

"I could as you the exact same the Elora Evangeline Wood." said Bill. I gasped.

"H-how did you know my name?" I stuttered. Bill winked.

"I know a lot of things."

"I don't know whether to be impressed or scared." I said flatly and Sam burst out laughing.

"Sir, you need to pay this." said a voice. All of us turned around to see a lady in a hair-net holding out a piece of paper with a very large number. Bill sweared.

"I'll be right back kids." he said and he went of with he women.

"Sammy, who is he?" I asked. Sam guestered me to come closer to him.

"He's bestowed too." Sam whispeared in my ear. I looked at Sam like he was crazy but then again, how did Bill know my name?

"Is he a mind reader?" I whispeared back.

"No he-" but Sam was cut off because just at that moment the bar door swung open. Two men with dark hoods and black cloaks walked in. Apparently they where more expected then 2 school kids. The two men walked over to the table next to us and sat down. Bill was still talking to the women and i think the manager had also come into the situation. Sam tried to look back at me but his eyes kept on darting over at them. They sat down and removed their hoots. One was chubby with a swaying double chin and a pink face. The other was nearly a skeleton with leathery skin and thick black hair.

"Edward, do you know what she looks like?" asked the thin one in a deathly whisper. Edward, whom was signalling of an approaching maid shook his head.

"No but I know she lives with her grandfather..."

"Edward you stupid idiot! Why did you just do it when i asked you too?"

Edward looked confused. "What?".

"What have we been talking about for the last 40 minutes you blithering bafoon!" snapped the skinny one. Edward shrugged.

"Forget.Sorry. Could you please tell me again?" said Edward.

The skinny man sighed. "How many times do I have to tell you you useless piece of horse droppings!" hissed the skinny man then he lowered his voice. Sam and I had to slightly bend over to hear what he said and what he did nearly made me fall of my chair in fright.

"Ellie Wood must die."

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