Mischeif Managed

Mischeif Managed

A group story made by FlyLikeItsQuidditch21 and rockymay.About another set of twins who fall for Gred and Forge.=)I'm sorry this is short but next one will be longer,promise!

Chapter 52

Epiloge (sp?)

"You sure you have everything?" Juliet Weasley asks as she walks to platform 9 3/4 with her husband, George, and their three children.
"Yes mum!" Arabella said. George and Juliet had indeed had a boy and a girl, Arabella Marie and Darren James, twins, as they had wanted. Then a year after they had Roxelle Linda.
"But mummy! Why cant I go to Hogwarts!?" Roxy asks sitting on her brother's trolly.
"Because your too young dear, you'll be going next year though." she replies.
"Dad...can you go with me?" Darren asks, looking at the brick wall.
"Course bud." George says, holding onto the trolly's bar next to his son and ruffled his son's orange hair that he had gotten from him before they run at the wall disappearing.
"Us now Dear." Juliet says putting her arms on either side of her daughter who had auburn hair. A beautifull mixture between her own hair and her husbands. On three they ran through the barrier and met up with their family who was standing next to Julianna, Juliet's twin sister, and her own daughter, Taz Weasley, returning for her 2nd term at Hogwarts.
Taz had inherited the firey orange hair of her father and the beautiful shining eyes of her mother. Around her neck she wore a locket. And inside of that locket was a picture of her dad.
Though she had never seen her father in person she still loved him as she would have. One time, as Juliet had been going to pick up Arabella from her friends house she had walked past the cemetary. Taz had been sitting by her Father's head stone. There were fresh flowers on the grave and she was talking about her day, telling her father about how she had met some new friends and that they were all going to be at the pond swimming tomorrow, like he was actually sitting infront of her. It had warmed Juliet's heart to see her niece doing this.
The whistle blew from the train and they all said their goodbyes again and George had to run after Roxy and grab her, her orange locks swinging, as she tried to go after her siblings onto the train.
"Goodbye! We love you!" The parents yelled to their children as the train started forward. They waved to their children and in Roxy's case, brother and sister, as the train rounded the corner. They all smiled and turned, walking back to their cars, Roxy rambling on about how she should have gone with them.


The last A/N: Okay, well the story is finished :( I know im upset about it to! But I hoped you guys really enjoyed it! I know i enjoyed writing it! And before we all say goodbye, let us please take a moment of silence for the lose of Fred Weasley because his end is not to be forgotten.
Thank you, and now, signing off of 'Mischeif Managed' for the last time,*
~Julz Freakin' Norris!~

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