Mischeif Managed

Mischeif Managed

A group story made by FlyLikeItsQuidditch21 and rockymay.About another set of twins who fall for Gred and Forge.=)I'm sorry this is short but next one will be longer,promise!

Chapter 3

Pin The glasses on the Harry!

"Why do people laugh at us Juliet?"I asked."I really don't know."She said."I kinda wanna break out into song."i said."I know,right."She replied."So,Liana-"Ron started."Don't call me that!"i said through gritted teeth."Why?what are you gonna do?Pinch me?"He asked."No.But i can do this."I said and brought out my fangs."Oh my god!Are you a vampire?"Hermione whispered.I laughed."Of course not!we can turn into animals.I have no idea what Juliet's is but mine's a wolf."I said."Grrr."I finished."So,Julie..."fred started."Yes?"I asked."I like this girl...And she's really special and i like her.Even though i just met her.What should i do?"He asked."Well,i don't know.My only realsonship was with my cat."I said laughing."Juliet!"george said from across the table."I know we're not in Professer Flickwit's class but,your still charming to me."He said.I tried to keep in my laughter like the rest of the people in our big group."Okay,no offense georgie but that was really lame!"I said and just burst out laughing with everyone else."Ah!Go now to your common room!"dumbledore said.I got up."Ginny,Ron,Harry and Juliet.We're racing back."I said and started getting in postion.They did the same and hermione called go.We raced around to the common room."Neville open the portrait!!"i yelled,and started going up the stairs.Neville said the password and the door swung open.I jumped in and panted."I win!"I said and layed down on the floor.Julie,ron and Harry did the same."You guys ready for Kiss,Slap,Hug?"dean asked."Yeah,"I said and got up."I wanna play!"lavender said.We all sat in a circle.It started with me then went Dean,Seamus,Neville,Ginny,Hermione,Harry,Lavender,Ron,Fred,Juliet and George,"Wait!It's 7 boys and 6 girls."Hermione said.I looked around the common room."Yo!Patil!Over here!"i said.She came over and joined our circle."Now if you get the same gender and it's kiss just blow one or whatever."I said.They nodded."Now.close your eyes."I said and closed mine.We started walking around and Juliet called stop.I stopped and looked in front of me."Are we doing hug first?"I asked,"Yes!"ron yelled.I hugged dean.I closed my eyes again and walked around the room."OPen!"i said.I had ron."Yes!"Hermione yelled.We looked at her and she had my sister."This is gonna be fun."I said.Ginny had harry,Juliet had hermione,Fred had george,Lavender had padma,Neville got dean and seamus quit.I slapped ron.He slapped me."Now we do kiss!"Hermione said.I closed my eyes and ran around again."Open!"ron yelled.I opened to see fred in front of me.Juliet had george,Ron got hermione,Harry got ginny,Neville had padma and seamus had lavender.I went first and it was amazing.I pulled away after 20 seconds.Everyone else went."Uhh.I'm gonna say ron and hermione won!That was cool!"I said.Ron and Hermione blushed and i laughed."Alright,Harry.Glasses please."I said and held my hands out.He put them in them."Yay!Mix up!"I said and covered my eyes."Good."Harry said."Arighty."I said and walked towards our circle."Am i aloud to feel faces?"i asked."Yeah."Julz said.I felt for the first face."Mhh.Ron."I said and moved to the next one."Your dean.And lavender's next to you."I said and moved 2 spaces away.I took off the glasses and put them on harry.I opened my eyes and i guessed right."Yay!fred kiss me!"i said.He shrugged and kissed me."How' you know it was me?"He asked."Your face duh!"i said.I took off his glasses and went to a mirror."Harry!I might borrow these sometime!"i said and handed them to julie.Fred pulled me aside."Do you want to be my honeysickle??"He asked.I laughed then nodded and jumped into his open arms.He spun me around."I really think you should cut your hair."I said.He shook his head and we walked back together.I went next to george."Hint:Hint:My sister likes zonko's,and the 3 broomsticks."I said."Wh-OH!!!!"He said."Yeah,and you say fred's the slow one."I said and went back to the game."I give up!"Juliet said after 10 minutes."Harry fell asleep."I mumbled.I was about to sleep myself.I was laying on the floor next to ginny and hermione."Get up!"She yelled."Go to sleep!"Ginny said.Juliet sighed and layed next to hermione."Ginny,stop stealing the blanket."I said."I'm not."She said back.Fred was by our feet and he stole the blanket."Accio Super mario blanket."I said.My huge blanket came and i spred it over ginny,hermione and I."Thanks."they mumbled.
The Next Day.
"Hey!Julianna!Wake up!"fred yelled."make me."I said.He picked me up and carried me to the great hall."Finally,your up."Hermione said."Hermione.It's 7:OO."I whined."Get freshened up in the bathroom."Ginny said.I walked to moaning myrtles bathroom and washed my face and fixed my hair with my wand."Better?"I asked when i came back."Totally."Hermione said.George came down with Juliet."Students!"Dumbledore cried."Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving at dinner.I also want to remind you that classes start in 20 minutes."He said then sat down."That was awsome."I said."What if i entered?"Fred asked."I'm entering!"I said."No!"fred yelled."Your not boss."I snapped."Your not entering."He said."Yes i am."I snapped again."Guys stop."Hermione said."No,because i'm not allowing you."He yelled."Your not my dad!"I yelled back."I'm not!You know why?Because your father is dead!He's dead!"fred yelled.I slapped him and ran to Transfiguration.'So what?I mean sure he's dead but i have always got Nick my adoptive dad.He was a wizard..'I thought."That stupid little weasel."I muttered to myself.

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