Mischeif Managed

Mischeif Managed

A group story made by FlyLikeItsQuidditch21 and rockymay.About another set of twins who fall for Gred and Forge.=)I'm sorry this is short but next one will be longer,promise!

Chapter 2

FRENCH FRIES!!!!!!!!!!....yummy....

Juliet's P.O.V:
I laid back on the ground, crossing my arms behind my head, in the compartment.
"So, wanna play Kiss,slap,hug,Truth or dare and Pin the glasses on the harry when we get to the common room?" Julie asked.
"Yup! Its is kinda a tradition every year." I said and the others nodded.
"So, Juliet-" Ron started but I cut him off.
"Ronald! For the last time you dont always have to call me Juliet! Its either Julz or Neo." I told him. Neoma was my middle name so Neo became a nickname for me...that and I love neon colors.
"Uh, Ok, Julz," Ron started again, "Are you playing quidditch this year?" I rolled my eyes.
"Ron. Do you know me at all? I always play quidditch! Chaser remember?" I said and he shrugged turning to Harry. George moved so he was right next to me.
"So, Clearwater, fancy anyone?" he said smirking.
"Yeah, George I do have my eye on somebody actually." I said. He raised his eyebrows.
"Oh? Well might that boy be a tall, cute, ginger with the initials G.W.?" he smirked.
"Keep on dreaming Weaslbee." I said and moved over so that I was next to Julie instead. I mean its not like I was gonna let him know I thought he was cute! Its amusing to play hard to get.
"Will do love." he said and I rolled my eyes, turing to Julie.
"The craving for french fries in increasing." I said and she nodded.
"I know right!" she said. I took my Ipod out of my bag and looked at the pictures. I stopped on one and just starred at it.
"What are you doing?" Ginny asked.
"Trying to quench a bit of my hunger for fries." I replied. I was looking at a picture of a case of McDonalds french fries. What? Dont act like you arent jealous that you werent smart enough to take a picture of your fries!
They laughed and after a minute I put the ipod away. "Ok, Im good." I said.

Julianna's P.O.V.
"Im booooooored....." I said.
"I know...I just got an urge to go slap Malfoy...who wants to watch?" Juliet said. I rolled my eyes. She stood up and so did Fred, George, Dean, and Ginny. Hermione started to tell her not to but we just ignored her. I stood up as well and we walked down the corriodor, finding his compartment. Lets just hope Juliet doesnt manage to get a detention before we even reach the school.

George's P.O.V
Wow. Just getting up and walking out to slap Malfoy cause she wanted to... Man I wish she would say yes when I ask her out. Oh well, I'll get her somehow. We kept walking untill we reached the ferrets compartment and she slid the door open. The Slytherins looked up and smirked.
"Juliet." Malfoy said, standing. "You know you should change those purple highlights in your hair to green. It would show your true house." he said.
She slapped him across the face and he stumbled backwards, holding his cheek. We all laughed and she said "Well, that was fun! Come on guys, lets get back!" And started skipping off down the hall. Julianna joined her and they linked arms as they went.
We all looked at each other then Dean and Ginny linked arms and so did Fred and I, following suit.
When we reached the compartment Fred and I slipped in first, taking up Dean and Ginny's old seats. They rolled their eyes and sat on the floor, Julie took the last empty seat and Juliet was about to sit on the ground, but I grabbed her and sat her on my lap, grinning.
"Comfy?" I asked.
"You have 5 seconds to let go of me." She said, calmly but I could hear the real threat in her voice. I looked at Julie and she nodded. I shrugged and let go of her. She stood up and turned to me.
"Good choice." and sat down. I rolled my eyes but then smiled. She sat down and leaned her back against the front of the seat, inbetween my legs, for a backrest.
"So, does anybody have a clue what the whole 'surprise' thing that all the adults have been talking about?" Fred asked.

Julianna's P.O.V.
Everybody shook their head and I asked, "Thats the second time you've mentioned this surprised thing, what are talking about?"
"Our parents and older brothers have been talking about this surprise thing they are having at Hogwarts this year. And Mum said something about her being glad they changed the rules or something. Nobody we ask knows what it is though." Fred explained. I nodded.
"Oh." Juliet and I said at the same time.
We talked for a while more, untill we finally got to Hogwarts. We all seperated into carragiages[sp?] and when we got to the castle we sat in a group at the Gryffindor table.
The sorting happened and we got a good looking group of new Gryffindors and then Dumbledore stood up for his speech. It was only then that I noticed that two other people were sitting at the staff table. I recognized one a Ludo Bagman. The used to be famous quidditch player that now worked at the ministry. I didnt recognize the other man though.
Dumbledore called for silence and said that he had a very special announcement. But first he said that there would be no quidditch season this year.

Juliet's P.O.V.
"NO QUIDDITCH? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" I yelled along with alot of other people, outraged. Dumbledore finally got everyone quieted down and continued.
"Yes, yes, but there is another event going on. Hogwarts is proud to be Hosting the TriWizard Tournament this year!" at this whispers and exclamations all around the hall broke out.
"Your joking!" Fred and George said at the same time, looks of amazement and excitement on their faces. Dumbledore chuckled.
"No Mr. Weasleys I am not joking. Though I did hear a good one this summer, about a troll and a hag that went to a pub-" McGonnagal cleared her throat. "But of course that is for another time. For those of you that do not know of the Tri-Wizard tournament, Mr. Barty Crouch is hear to explain."
The man sitting beside Ludo Bagman stood up and gave a small speech about what the tournament was and that you must be 17 to enter. At this there were many yells of complaint, including from the twins.
He went on though and explained that Beauxbatons and Durmstrang would join us for it. Then he sat down and Dumbledore said that that was all the announcement and food appeared.
"FRENCH FRIES!!!" Julianna and I yelled at the same time and started scooping french fries onto our plates as everyone around us laughed.

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